Thursday, 30 July 2009

This Is Sander Kleinenberg 2

Title : This Is Sander Kleinenberg 2
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House/Tech-House
Format : 2xCD
Label : Little Mountain Recordings
Catalog# : LMRCD0901
Release Date : 28/07/2009
Tracks : 26
Play Time : 68.35+75.22

CD1 - Left
01. Sascha Funke - Summer Rain
02. Stimming - Silver Surfer
03. Solomun & Stimming - Feuervogel
04. David Keno - Replika
05. Lucy - Downstairs (H.O.S.H. Remix)
06. Rockers Hi-Fi - Push Push (Rainer Weichhold Remix)
07. DaFunk - Smokin Hawt
08. Phonique - Teenage Love (Kevin Yost Remix)
09. Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher - Graffiti
10. DBN featuring Matida - Asteroidz (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
11. Matan Caspi & Eddy Good - Magic Bottle
12. Robert Babicz - Tblisi

CD2 - Right
01. Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Our Night
02. Rene Amesz - Ridicule
03. Hennon - Heart To Ear
04. Joseph Indelicato & Jose Velez - Put A Name To This
05. Luetzenkirchen - Foxy
06. DJ Ortzy - Massive (Dirty Flavor Remix)
07. Muzikjunki featuring Warren Morris - Please You (2009)
08. Santito featuring Ternea Jordan - The Music Got Me (Block & Crown Paradise Mix)
09. DJ Ortzy - Yoko
10. Joachim Garraud - The Answer (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
11. Bit Crushers - Time 2 Werk (Sean McCaff 2009 Remix)
12. Stardom Groove - Homeboys
13. Helge Kuhl - Autumnbomb
14. Mason - Kippschwinger (Refurb)
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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Silicone Soul - Silicone Soul

Artist : Silicone Soul
Title : Silicone Soul
Genre : Electronic
Style : House
Format : 1xCD
Label : Soma Records
Catalog# : SOMACD078
Release Date : 29/06/2009
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 63.46

01. Koko’s Song
02. Dust Ballad II
03. Language Of The Soul
04. Call Of The Dub
05. David Vicent’s Blues
06. Hurt People, Hurt People
07. The Pulse
08. Midnite Man
09. Seasons Of Weird
10. Dogs Of Les Ilhes

Friday, 24 July 2009

Café del Mar XVI

Title : Café del Mar Volumen Dieciseis
Genre : Ambient/Chill-Out
Format : 2xCD
Label : Café del Mar Music
Catalog# : CDM01200991
Release Date : 08/06/2009
Tracks : 32
Play Time : 75.85+74.83

CD 1
01. Ccile Bredie - The Autum Leaves
02. Noise Boyz Ft. Io Vita - Declaration Of Love
03. Roberto Sol & Florito Ft. Martine - Won't Give Up
04. Ivan Tucakov - Gypsy Love Mix
05. Andreas Agiannitopoulos - Cause I'm Not Sorry
06. Cllia Felix - Dancing With The Sun
07. Ingo Herrmann - Rain Of Love
08. Bas (Stefano Baldetti) - Aethalia
09. Aware - En Busca Del Sol
10. Yuliez Topaz - A Miracle
11. Son Electrico - Come With Me
12. Romu Agull - Sueos
13. Thomas Lemmer - Fatigu
14. Mark Watson - Long Flight Home
15. Future Proof - Sea Bird
16. Elmara - Sky In Your Eyes

CD 2
01. Gary B - Stronger Love
02. Paco Fernandez - Pez Volador
03. DAB - You And Me
04. Valentin Huedo & Atfunk - Stay With Me
05. Lenny Bizarre - El Viejo Pescador
06. Alexandre Vogele Ft. Jillene Luce - Inner Music
07. Alejandro De Pinedo - Hotel Utopa
08. Ludwig & Stelar - How Does It Feel?
09. Villablue - On My Mind
10. Schwartz & Funk - Savannah Sunset
11. Steen Throttrup - If You Were Here Tonight
12. Soulchillaz - Promised Land
13. Rue Du Soleil - Atlantis
14. Jesus Mondejar - Acoustic Feeling
15. Paul Hardcastle - Don't You Know
16. Toni Simonen - Terrace
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Stacey Pullen - 2020 Vision

Title : Stacey Pullen's 2020 Vision
Genre : Electronic
Style : Techno/Deep-House
Format : 1xCD
Label : 2020 Vision Recordings
Catalog# : VIS182CD
Release Date : 27/07/2009
Tracks : 14
Play Time : 78.39

Detroit techno legend Stacey Pullen mix the brand new 2020 compilation. Following the mixes from Ralph Lawson and Greg Wilson we have chosen someone whose relationship with 2020 goes back to the very early days.
He was one of the first big name U.S. dj's to get in touch with positive feedback to the first releases and even remixed one of the ealy classics ‘Raptures Of The Deep'.
His mix takes in a few early tracks, but mainly contains fresh, upfront ad even exclusive material, which you would expect from someone who is still and in demand dj across the world.

01. Wulf n Bear - Needsy's Run
02. Inland Knights - After Me
03. Wulf n Bear - Body Music
04. Simon Baker - Way Out Of My Head (Julien Chaptal mix)
05. 2020Soundsystem - Sliding Away (Johnny D mix)
06. Mark Broom - Take Me Home (Mihalis Safras mix)
07. Art Of Tones - Terres Conquises
08. Random Factor - Outlaw (John Tejada mix)
09. Random Factor - Beaten (Art Of Tones mix)
10. Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Roberto Rodriguez mix)
11. Moodymanc - V8
12. 2020Soundsystem - Psycho
13. Mark Broom - Riddim
14. Volga Select - Les Annees Des Plombs (Joshua mix)
Part1 \\\ Part2

Moments 2 mixed by Anthony Pappa

Title : Moments 2
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House
Format : 2xCD
Label : Red Light District
Catalog# : RLDCD 001
Release Date : 13/07/2009
Tracks : 26
Play Time : 69.34+70.69

CD 1
01. Stel – The Nail That Sticks Out
02. Reset Robot – M Siren
03. Reset Robot – Continue
04. Marc Romboy & Mr K Alexi – Acid Love (D'Julz Remix)
05. Mark Broom – Get Serious (Brooms London Mix)
06. Brendon Moeller – The Big Thrill
07. Taster Peter – Metro Sexual
08. Mistress De Funk – The Labyrinth (Lucca Remix)
09. Jakiro – Litmus
10. Erphun – 2wo Butterflies (Quivver Mix)
11. Patlac, Matthias Meyer – Skipper
12. Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler – Holy Cow
13. Bonnici, Pappa, Phil K – Blending With The Ether

CD 2
01. Florian Kruse – The Miracle (Dave DK Magic World Remix)
02. Dousk – Keep Your Nose
03. Paul Jackson – Souls – (Gus Gus Remix)
04. Peter Horrevorts – Romance Is Overrated
05. Giorgo Giordano – Amazzonia (David Tort Tech Remix)
06. Glenn Morrison – Orange Glow (Robert Babicz Spaceship Remix)
07. Fergie, Reset Robot & Alan Fitzpatrick – Gas Masks
08. Yousef - Letter To No One (Fergie"s Excentric Mix)
09. Anton Pieete – Players (Original Mix)
10. Silicone Soul – The Call Of The Wild
11. Gabe – Sea Monster
12. Jim Rivers – Stone (Henry Saiz Remix)
13. Monaque – ID
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Thursday, 16 July 2009

GU #37 Bangkok mixed by James Lavelle [MINI MIX]

With over 4 million GU compilation albums sold to date, Global Underground proudly presents the latest installment in the ever popular worldwide city series: James Lavelle GU37 Bangkok.
It’s been a long five years since UNKLE’s James Lavelle released his second mix album for GU from Romania. It followed his series debut from Barcelona, which was hailed at the time as one of the finest and most timeless albums to come out of Global Underground in years.
James of course has been busy touring the world with his band UNKLE and releasing artist albums to critical acclaim while continuing to tour the world as an international DJ. His new mix album, in our opinion, is his best mix album to date!
Bangkok was the chosen city, selected for its vibrant nightlife and multi-cultural party scene.
On Bangkok, James has put together an electronic sonic soundscape that is his most eclectic yet, it features exclusive tracks and remixes from UNKLE themselves plus the likes of Radiohead, Radio Slave, Carl Craig, James Holden, Doves, Layo & Bushwacka, X-Press2, Innervisions (Henrik Schwarz / Ame / Dixon Feat Derrick Carter), School of Seven Bells, Nathan Fake, Evil Nine, Mystery Jets, Fergie and Animal Collective plus many more.
There are certain mix albums that remain on top of the pile, and this is definitely one. Ticking all boxes, it’s one to kick back and listen to at all times, not just a made-for-the-club album.

01. UNKLE - Intro
02. UNKLE - Trouble In Paradise
03. Doves - Jetstream
04. The Big Pink - Too Young To Love (UNKLE Surrender Sounds Session 14)
05. UNKLE - Heavy Drug (Surrender Sounds Mix)
06. School Of Seven Bells - Sempiternal/Amaranth
07. UNKLE - Trouble In Paradise (UNKLE Surrender Session 11)
08. Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Dubfire's Terror Planet)
09. Caribou - Niobe

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence EP

Artist : Heartsrevolution
Title : Ultraviolence EP
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro
Format : 12"
Label : Kitsuné
Catalog# : KITSUNE068
Release Date : 12/01/2009
Tracks : 05
Play Time : 20.07

Mixing the visual Ker-POW! of Japanese Anime, the grinding discontent of Riot Grrrl and an intelligent disco breakdown, they've come to turn your black and white universe to technicolor. Lo (voice) and Ben (prog) bonded over a mutual love of Bowie, Daft Punk and The Strokes. But their musical brew is not some concoction of the three. It's a wide screen vision that takes in the belief beauty can be found next to the horrific. A place where the beautiful and brutal sit hand in bloody hand. Ultraviolence comes with a featuring of Naeem from Spankrock rapping all over the track. Chateau Marmont are adding their French groove and soundtracks moody science to the track. Club winners are the infamous Streetlife Djs mashing up the track and Vitalic is making it a late night anthem ! The 12" of the end of the year, a must have ! Feel free to jump to their very own fleet of ice cream trucks operating under the name HEARTSCHALLENGER. With the trucks stationed in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, they spread their message of freedom and the visual aesthetic of confectionery which informs their work- from their artwork to Lo's unique stage make up... "Their aesthetic suggests a girlish counsciousness while their music hints at the flipside of the unicorn-and-candy dream. Beautiful" NME

A1. Original
A2. Ultraviolence feat Spankrock
A3. Chateau Marmont remix
B1. Vitalic remix
B2. Streetlife Djs remix

Phoenix - Lisztomania Remixes EP

Artist : Phoenix
Title : Lisztomania Remixes EP
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro-House
Format : 12"
Label : Kitsuné
Catalog# : KITSUNE098
Release Date : 06/2009
Tracks : 03
Play Time : 15.35

Lisztomania is the first single of the much acclaimed new Phoenix album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix". Kitsuné have asked the new electro scene to remix it and this led to this great and exciting EP ! New Yorkers Holy Ghost! (DFA), with this great version of Crystal Fighters’ Xtatic Truth, put everyone in agreement — on their knees. LA based Classixx deliver a production that’s evocative of a Corvette in the sun, carefree, before it all gets dangerously heated up. Quite convenient too when you’re fifteen (at least spiritually) to French kiss for a whole five minutes. Finally half of Digitalism, Der Die das, brings the track to the dancefloor with an uplifted and breathtaking version.

A1. HOLY GHOST! loves Paris remixomania
B1. CLASSIXX version
B2. DER DIE DAS remix

Friday, 10 July 2009

This Is Audio Therapy Volume Two Compiled and Mixed by Dave Seaman

Title : This Is Audio Therapy Volume Two
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House/Tech-House/House
Format : 2xCD
Label : Audio Therapy
Catalog# : ATCD13
Release Date : 06/07/2009
Tracks : 10 Unmixed Tracks + 1 Mix
Play Time : 147.41

Spread across two discs which contain exclusive full length reworks of classic Audio Therapy tracks from Infusion's Legacy , Habersham's Dryspell and Nick Muir's G Platz, Disc 1 is expertly mixed by label head honcho Dave Seaman where as Disc 2 is a bonus unmixed version with the tracks in their entirety. This release sets out to showcase the wealth and talent of the labels esteemed catalogue all of which have been diligently and painstakingly updated by the likes of Robert Babicz, Pig & Dan, Quivver, Charlie May, Gusgus, Glenn Morrison, Funkagenda, Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Simon & Shaker to name but a few.
The tracklisting over both CD's is second to none and is bolstered even further by the addition of 2 totally exclusive tracks from Dave Seaman himself, one of which is a collaboration with legendary producer Josh Gabriel and the other being an unreleased remix of his own much lauded single Gobbledygook.
Dave Seaman commented, "We've breathed new life into a catalogue we're very proud of and can only hope that the listening experience matches the enjoyment we had putting the whole project together. It's been one helluva ride. Here's to the next ten years. Acid house is dead, long live acid house."
Along with the double CD release, there will also be a full digital release in bundle and single format as well as a Limited Edition Vinyl run with some of the releases highlights.

CD1 Mixed by Dave Seaman
01. Glenn Morrison - Orange Glow Charlie May Dub Edit)
02. Guy J & Roy Brizman - Avant-garde (Kim Fai Remix)
03. Eelke Kleijn - It All Comes Together (Fiord Remix)
04. Erphun - Pesadilla Hermosa (Dibby Dougherty Remix)
05. Oliver Moldan - Club 69 (Dibby Dougherty Remix)
06. Infusion - Legacy (Simon & Shaker Remix)
07. Habersham - Dry Spell (Manuel Sofia's Deeply Quantized Mix)
08. Nick Muir - G Platz (James Harcourt Remix)
09. Erphun - 2Wo Butterflies (Quivver Remix)
10. Lewie Day - Striptease (M.O.D.E Remix)
11. Dubfunk - Mandala (Federico Epis Remix)
12. Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel - Hayaah
13. Dave Seaman - Gobbledygook (Funkagenda Repulse Mix)
14. Couture Featuring Rachelle - Afterglow (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

CD2 Unmixed Bonus Disc
01. Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Erphun Remix)
02. Mos – Emotional Distortion (Habersham’s Megladon Remix)
03. Paul Jackson – Souls (Gusgus Remix)
04. Glenn Morrison - Orange Glow (Robert Babicz’s Spaceship Remix)
05. Solaris Heights – Rekollection (Kazell’s Influx Audio Dub)
06. Federico Epis – Brasilia (Dubfunk Remix)
07. Erphun - Pesadilla Hermosa (Pig & Dan Remix)
08. Attic Feat. Julie Thompson - Last Goodbye (Randall Jones Remix)
09. Angelfreq – Nothing At All (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix)
10. Red Jackson – Coming Clean (Paul Keeley Remix)
Part1 \\\ Part2 \\\ Part3

Global Underground Summer Collection

Title : Global Underground Summer Collection
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House/Tech-House
Format : Digital
Label : Global Underground
Catalog# : GUSUM1DIG
Release Date : 13/07/2009
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 77.70

Global Underground proudly presents their latest 'Summer Collection' of dance floor friendly singles for digital release only.
This 10 track selection of the finest underground platters, is served up by some of the leading producers from the electronic music scene. Featuring cuts from Darren Emerson, Jim Rivers, Trafik, Richard Dinsdale, Stan Kolev, Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson and Nic Fanciulli (album only).
The GU brand is known across the globe as a leading purveyor of quality underground dance music alongside releasing bespoke DJ mix albums from the world's leading club icons. This exciting new Summer Collection is a little taste of what is coming up over the next few months and also features some exclusive new material.
This digital only release sees Global Underground transfer their unique flair for must have physical products over to the digital domain.

01. Darren Emerson - Home (Original mix)
02. Paul Thomas & Funkagenda Pres Ptfa - Gornal (Andy Duguid Mix)
03. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson Feat Justin Robertson - Are We All Together (Tim Davison Mix)
04. Richard Dinsdale - Walkies (Analogue People In a Digital World Mix)
05. Nic Fanciulli - Materia (Original Mix) Available For Album Bundle Only
06. Jim Rivers - Vibrant (Original Mix)
07. Trafik - The Stars (Trafik's Dark Night Instrumental Mix) †
08. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson - Minimalise (Richard Dinsdale Mix)
09. Eelke Kleijn - Luigi's Magic Mushrooms (Original Mix)
10. Stan Kolev Feat Bubu - I Know (B3AT Factory Dub)
Part1 \\\ Part2