Thursday, 16 July 2009

GU #37 Bangkok mixed by James Lavelle [MINI MIX]

With over 4 million GU compilation albums sold to date, Global Underground proudly presents the latest installment in the ever popular worldwide city series: James Lavelle GU37 Bangkok.
It’s been a long five years since UNKLE’s James Lavelle released his second mix album for GU from Romania. It followed his series debut from Barcelona, which was hailed at the time as one of the finest and most timeless albums to come out of Global Underground in years.
James of course has been busy touring the world with his band UNKLE and releasing artist albums to critical acclaim while continuing to tour the world as an international DJ. His new mix album, in our opinion, is his best mix album to date!
Bangkok was the chosen city, selected for its vibrant nightlife and multi-cultural party scene.
On Bangkok, James has put together an electronic sonic soundscape that is his most eclectic yet, it features exclusive tracks and remixes from UNKLE themselves plus the likes of Radiohead, Radio Slave, Carl Craig, James Holden, Doves, Layo & Bushwacka, X-Press2, Innervisions (Henrik Schwarz / Ame / Dixon Feat Derrick Carter), School of Seven Bells, Nathan Fake, Evil Nine, Mystery Jets, Fergie and Animal Collective plus many more.
There are certain mix albums that remain on top of the pile, and this is definitely one. Ticking all boxes, it’s one to kick back and listen to at all times, not just a made-for-the-club album.

01. UNKLE - Intro
02. UNKLE - Trouble In Paradise
03. Doves - Jetstream
04. The Big Pink - Too Young To Love (UNKLE Surrender Sounds Session 14)
05. UNKLE - Heavy Drug (Surrender Sounds Mix)
06. School Of Seven Bells - Sempiternal/Amaranth
07. UNKLE - Trouble In Paradise (UNKLE Surrender Session 11)
08. Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Dubfire's Terror Planet)
09. Caribou - Niobe


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FutureMedia said...

Thank you for posting this preview mini-mix. I have been so looking forward to downloading this album the minute it hits iTunes on about Sunday August 2 or maybe even a week earlier July 26 if we're lucky. Sounds so 21st century. Love what's here. I'm sure the digital version will contain all sorts of bonus surprises and lengthy versions of each piece. Thanks James. You and all these musicians on the album are really helping advance the art of making music. Love you all.

Taylor of FutureMedia in Santa Cruz CA