Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Gomma - Galactic No. 2

Title : Gomma - Galactic No. 2
Genre : Electronic
Format : Digital
Label : Gomma
Release Date : 26/11/2007
Tracks : 12
Play Time : 60.40

Collecting unreleased and new tracks from across Gomma’s spectrum of acts, Galactic No. 2 effortlessly combines experimental sounds with club-friendly beats in a melting pot of retro disco and cosmic funk. Baldelli’s Xilodelphia opens the compilation in a mess of squelchy pads and glitterball sounds, setting up a formula that’s perhaps a little too rigidly followed. Whilst Salvelox, from rising star Rodion, uses the classic italo sound to great effect, Tomboy’s One Week of Bending is little more than "Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Metro Area." It’s an intriguing compilation, and Whomadewho’s cover of the Villalobos classic Easy Lee is a brilliant rework, sticking two fingers up at minimal and launching into a delirious thrashing guitar line.
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01. Baldelli - Xilodelphia
02. Who Made Who - Easy Lee (Live)
03. Drrtyhaze - Satisfaction
04. Rodion - La Prova Col Vocoder
05. Tomboy - One Week of Bending
06. Munk - Under Control (Dub Version)
07. Hiltmeyer Inc - iTune aLine
08. Oblio - Escape
09. Rodion - Salvelox
10. Golden Bug - Golden Bullet
11. Diskokaine - Riminini
12. Oblio - Innercity
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