Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tomboy - Seriøs

Artist : Tomboy
Title : Seriøs
Genre : Electronic
Style : Cosmic-Disco/Disco-Funk
Format : 1xCD
Label : Gomma
Catalogue# : GOMMA090
Release Date : 16/02/2007
Tracks : 16
Play Time : 64.14

Debut album for Tomas Barfod aka TOMBOY [Gomma Label Boss], an producer & drummer of danish futuredisco band WHOMADEWHO. He's been playing in clubs like Fabric(London), Trailer Trash(London), Panorama Bar(Berlin), Goa(Roma), Small(Milano), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Lux(Portugal) and Showcase(Paris) amongst others... and made as well 12's on his home label GOMMA and maxis on Tiga’s Turbo, Kitsuné & Get Physical...
It's a reckless roller-coaster of Dangerous Electro Soundscapes and Funky Cosmic-Disco from the 70's exclusively here...on sashasretroemporium.
Mylo: “Fantastic album!”
Laurent Garnier: “I will definitely get the crowd crazy with that”
Tiga: “Magic, moody, chopped up futuristic disco funk”
Optimo: “Tomboy - man, he’s prolific at the moment!”
Trevor Jackson: “…i luv his shit! clubkillers!”.

01. Swan
02. Murky Jerky
03. Hi's and Low's
04. Baffioso
05. Flamingo
06. Ist So Hot
07. Synchronize
08. Finale I_O
09. Maggie & Samira
10. The Møvies
11. Æblegrød
12. Something
13. Zåmiang
14. I K. Guitar
15. Revenge of the Organ
16. Cowbell Man
Part1 \\\ Part2

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