Saturday, 2 June 2007

Silicon Scally - Bioroid

Artist : Silicon Scally
Title : Bioroid
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro/Techno
Country : U.S.A
Format : 1xCD
Label : Satamile US
Catalogue# : SAT 038CD
Release Date : 30/04/2007
Tracks : 10
Playtime : 66.04

Get ready for some of the most stunning music yet to be heard from Carl Finlow aka Silicon Scally, as "Bioroid" presents glistening, warm, funkified, driving sci fi star trek disco breakdown in a whole new format, an entirely new evolution of SS's progressive hybrid Electro concepts, with supersized sound and masterfully precise production on all frequencies. With bass for miles and a drive that hugs the floor like next season's formula one champion car, these new tracks are a clear new level for an artist whose career began in style way back in 1993. Electro-tinted tracks reflective of Kraftwerk but equally owing as much to Drexciya, Depeche Mode, Yello and Prince, "Bioroid" is an unmissable event for any self-respecting Electro/Techno fan.

01. Thrusters
02. Population III
03. Nucleon
04. Paradigm
05. Encapsulate
06. Interflection
07. Moment
08. Bioroid
09. Default
10. Rendered

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