Friday, 1 June 2007

Surkin - Action Replay

Artist : Surkin
Title : Action Replay
Genre : Electronic
Format : 1xCD
Catalogue# : KLCD010
Release Date : 17/02/2007
Tracks : 11
Playtime : 51.18

Following the success of the first Radio Fireworks and Ghetto Obsession singles which appeared last year, and specially by his numerous remixes such as the excellent version of the Mornings of Paris of Teki Latex, Surkin confirms his presence within the French "Dance" scene with the arrival of his first album 'Action Replay'. This disc which will quickly appear in Japan and is a nice proof of huge talent which has the label Institubes between its hands.
On this album, achievements tear by their obvious effectiveness and their rhythms fully loaded in Red Bull, but also by a very good production which sounds in $$ ** %! The first six tracks are 100% Surkin, followed by remixes from Tacteel, Dj Slugo and Riot in Belgium. Finally, the young musician prooves us once again his competences in what remix is made of, by offering his remixed version of Para One's 'Midnight Swim'. Long life to Surkin.

01. Radio Fireworks
02. Ghetto Obsession (Beta Version)
03. And You Too
04. J-Hood
05. Kiss And Fly
06. Ghetto Obsession 2006
07. Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Second Remix)
08. And You Too (DJ Slugo Remix)
09. Kiss And Fly (Tacteel Remix)
10. Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Drowning Mix)
11. Kiss'n'Horns (Vengeance Edit)


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