Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oscar Mulero - Tresor Mix: Under Review

Title : Oscar Mulero - Tresor Mix: Under Review
Genre : Electronic
Style : Techno
Format : 1xCD
Label : Tresor
Catalog# : Tresor.235CD
Release Date : 28/09/2009
Tracks : 30
Play Time : 71.54

Oscar Mulero is today counted among the world's most respected and talented techno DJ's. The Spanish artist entered the Tresor spectrum already at the turn of the century as a guest in Tresor Club and entered into the label's universe via his excellent remix of Pacou's track Diagonal on his "Last Man Standing" EP in 2004 (Tresor.209). It was clear that the powerhouse genius of this electronic music artist would continue to collaborate with Tresor, and in 2007 he released the sublime EP "Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow" (Tresor.230): rugged techno with sequencer wizardry that was an instant best-seller in our shop.
Now Mulero delivers an extraordinary mix of Tresor classics, many long out-of-print and some never released on CD or digital formats. 30 Tracks incl. Jeff Mills ("Flood", "Robot Replica", "Late Night"; X-101 ("Sonic Destroyer"); X-103 ("10,000 Chariots") ; Drexciya ("Dr. Blowfins Black Storm", "Under Sea Disturbances"); Surgeon ("Box", "At The Heart Of It all"); Pacou ("The Guards", "Flex"); Model 500 ("Light Speed"); James Ruskin ("Lahaine" OVR Mix); Maurizio ("M4") and many more. These are mainly taken from Tresor vinyl releases, including 3 rare tracks newly remastered. The Spanish techno commandant is welcome in our library, and he's turned out a masterful mix of quintessential Tresor tracks that any fan of both Oscar Mulero and Tresor will be proud to own.

01. Shifted Phases - Dance Of The Celestial Druids (Tresor.196)
02. Sterac - Liteon (Tresor.143)
03. Infiniti - Sunlight (Tresor.048)
04. Model 500 - Light Speed (Tresor.164: Archive 01 - Sirius Is A Freund)
05. Sterac - Spector (Tresor.143)
06. Daniel Bell - Acid Phreak (Tresor.164: Archive 01 - Sirius Is A Freund)
07. Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain (Tresor.129)
08. Infiniti - Electric Circus (Tresor.105)
09. James Ruskin - Lahaine (Tresor.232)
10. Robert Hood - Home (Tresor.077)
11. Jeff Mills - Flood (Tresor.155)
12. Robert Hood - Minus (Tresor.077)
13. Jeff Mills - Robot Replica (Tresor.155)
14. Scan 7 - Random Soul (Tresor.121)
15. Pacou - The Guards (Tresor.099)
16. Pacou - Flex (Tresor.220)
17. Pacou - Decay - Surgeon Remix (Tresor.068)
18. Female - Serve Re-Group Edit (Tresor.220)
19. Oscar Mulero - Still The One I Was (Tresor.230)
20. X-103 - 10.000 Chariots (Tresor.012)
21. Jeff Mills - Late Night (Tresor.011)
22. X-101 - Sonic Destroyer (Tresor.001)
23. Pacou - Fuel (Tresor.138)
24. Surgeon - Box (Tresor.069)
25. Surgeon - At The Heart Of It All (Tresor.117)
26. Drexciya - Dr. Blowfin's Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres (Tresor.181)
27. Drexciya - Under Sea Disturbances (Tresor.181)
28. Jeff Mills - The Keeping Of The Kept (Tresor.155)
29. Maurizio - M4 (Tresor.131)
30. Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes (Tresor.129)
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