Wednesday, 5 March 2008

SCSI-9 - The Line Of Nine

Artist : SCSI-9
Title : The Line Of Nine
Genre : Electronic
Style : Tech-House/Minimal
Format : 1xCD
Label : Kompakt
Catalog# : KOMPAKTCD51
Release Date : 13/05/2006
Tracks : 12
Play Time : 75.53
Смешанный Антоном Кубиковым и Максимом Милутенко

"Line Of Nine" is SCSI-9's first full length album in three years with many regarding it as their most accomplished work to-date. Taking a more musical approach to the minimal sound by using live instrumentation and vocals, this much lauded Russian production duo have created a beautifully atmospheric album which goes a long way to setting the standard for experimental house music.

01. Teplyi Dym
02. Elegia
03. Éclair De Lune
04. The Line Of Nine
05. Endlich
06. Little Leaves Fall
07. Señorita Tristeza
08. Sweets And Love
09. On The Edge
10. Albali
11. Morskaya (Former Called Double U)
12. Ne Contsom A Coltsom
Part1 \\\ Part2


lexus27 said...

спасибо! очень круто

BlueNoir said...

can you please fix the link?
because the file is no longer available for download.