Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Unexpektheadz Chapter II: A Space Conquest Soundtrack

Title : The Unexpektheadz Chapter II: A Space Conquest Soundtrack
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro
Format : 1xCD
Label : Ekler'o'shock
Catalog# : EOS010
Release Date : 05/03/2007
Tracks : 18
Play Time : 77.23

Ekler’o’shock presents The Unexpektheadz Chapter II compilation with 18 tracks including rare gems and exclusives. The artwork is powered by french rising graphic designer Fake, who's been collaborating with Sixpack, Clark magazine or MTV.
Whether it be Moroder's cosmic disco, Sun-Ra's freaky experiences, Lo-Fi illusionism from french movie pioneer Georges Méliès, or Daft Punk's Interstellar motion, Space has always been a recurrent source of inspiration for artists. The Unexpektheadz II brings in the same spaceship Early electronics reminiscences, sleazy electro funk, cosmic techno, digital rap made in USA, freaky retrofuturistic 8bit and sophisticated electronics.

01. The Hippocats - My First Vertigo
02. Terry Poison - 24 Hours
03. Crunc Tesla feat. Diego Maraedonna,K-Swift,Seraphim - Firewalk With Us
04. datA - Master Level
05. Stinkmitt - Jabba The Slut
06. Detect - Reuters
07. Xerak - Nymphes X
08. Vyle - Château Electronic (Do Your Thing)
09. Paul Jextra - Myspace
10. Gerz Marcelino feat Lil' Wayne - Fireman
11. Leonard De Leonard - Crack It
12. Eat Rabbit - TTS Rapper
13. Gangpol & Groupgris - Ghetto Galaxy
14. Electroménager - Pocket Rocket
15. Crunc Tesla - Welcome To The Circus (dDamage Remix)
16. Don Rimini - A Forciori
17. Computer Truck feat Adrenaaline - Gamegirl Power
18. Lod - Sabado Gris
+Leonard De Leonard - Elephantizer (digikid84 Remix)

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