Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tiga - Sexor [Collector's Edition]

Artist : Tiga
Title : Sexor [Collector's Edition]
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro-House/Electroclash
Format : 2xCD
Label : Different
Catalog# : DIFB 1040DCD
Released : 11/06/2007
Tracks : 25
Playtime : 63.31+57.54

Sexor was originally released to extensive critical acclaim right across the music spectrum in March 2006 and is rightly regarded as one of last year's big electropop albums. This collector’s Edition brings together unreleased songs "Time 2 Kill" and "Type Of Guy"; 'hard to find' Remixes which have not been released on CD before, from Bookashade, Morgan Geist and Tiga himself ( including his remix of Soulwax’s "E Talking" ) : classics such as "Burning Down" and the DFA remix of "( Far From ) Home" as well as the new mixes of "You Gonna Want Me" by Van She and Tocadisco, which are currently burning a trail through clubland...

Disc 1
01. Welcome To Planet Sexor
02. (Far From) Home
03. You Gonna Want Me
04. High School - Jamaican Boa
05. Louder Than A Bomb
06. Pleasure From The Bass
07. Who's That?
08. Down In It
09. The Ballad Of Sexor
10. Good As Gold - Flexible Skulls
11. (Far From) Home (The Speed Of Sexor Reprise)
12. Burning Down The House
13. 3 Weeks
14. Brothers

Disc 2
01. (Far From) Home (The DFA Remix) Joakim Edit
02. Time 2 Kill
03. You Gonna Want Me (Tocadisco Emergency Exit Remix)
04. Move My Body (Only 4 Erol Mix) (Not Anymore)
05. Burning Down (No! No! No!)
06. Do It Don’t Stop
07. E Talking (Tiga’s Disco Drama Remix...The Original Soulwax Composition)
08. You Gonna Want Me (Van She Tech Remix)
09. 3 Weeks (Booka Shade Remix)
10. Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophonic Mix)
11. Type Of Guy
Part1 Part2

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