Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Lustral - Deeper Darker Secrets

Artist : Lustral
Album : Deeper Darker Secrets
Genre : Electronic
Source : 2xCD
Label : Baroque Records
Catalog# : BARQCD006
Release Date : 28/05/2007
Tracks : 18
Play Time : 68.36+67.00

This includes remixes of tracks from Lustral's forthcoming debut album due for an imminent online release. Remixers on the two disc album include D-nox & Beckers, Phatjak, Funkagenda, Ralph Rosario, Quivver, Flash Brothers and Jaytech.

01. I Wonder Where You Are (Jaytech Remix)
02. So This Is Summer (Oliver Moldan Remix)
03. The Price We Pay For Love (Flash Brothers Remix)
04. Because Of You (Noel Sanger Remix)
05. Many Years From Now (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
06. Everytime (Funkagenda Remix)
07. Deepest Darkest Secret (Martin H Remix)
08. A quiet revolution (Phatjak Remix)
09. In my life (Slow Dancing Society Remix)

01. Many years from now (D-Nox and Beckers Remix)
02. Broken (Dousk Remix)
03. Because of you (Noel Sanger Dub)
04. Recurring Dreams (Chakra Remix)
05. Deepest Darkest Secrets (Martin H Minimal)
06. Evertime (Funkagenda Dub)
07. I Wonder Where You Are (Jaytech Remix)
08. Solace (Quivver Remix)
09. In my life (Matzo Remix)
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