Friday, 18 May 2007

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

Artist : Calvin Harris
Album : I Created Disco
Genre: Electroclash
Source : 1xCD
Catalog# : PRERELCD
Release Date : 11/06/2007
Tracks : 14
Play Time : 55.35

Scottish wiz kid Calvin Harris is making it his mission in 2007 to make people dance again, using an Amiga computer and OctaMED tracker software to make some of his music. Claiming to "re-create" on his debut album, Calvin's music sparkles with highgloss, glitz and glamour; like a disco ball catching the light, with masterpieces of pop hooks, gushing synths, and a fair bit of tongue-in-cheek wit. And if you don't believe us, just as Ms. Kylie Minogue- she's just enlisted the former shelf-stacker to help contribute to her forthcoming comeback album.

01. Merry Making At My Place
02. Colours
03. This Is Industry
04. The Girls
05. Acceptable In The 80's
06. Neon Rocks
07. Traffic Cops
08. Vegas
09. I Created Disco
10. Disco Heat
11. Vault Character
12. Certified
13. Love Souvenir
14. Electro Man


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electroclash is still alive.

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