Saturday, 28 April 2007

John Dahlbäck - Pickadoll's

Album : Pickadoll's
Genre: Electronic
Style : Techno
Source: 1xCD
Label : Pickadoll Records
Release Date : 15/05/2007
Tracks : 14
Play Time : 67.33

Dj & Producer John Dahlbäck's the person in charge of the first cd mix of the stamp of whom is proprietary, Pickadoll. The Swedish born young man in 1985 has published numerous 12 " in labels such as Turbo, Joia, Silverplanet, Underwater, Systematic, Dessous, Morris Audio, Brique Rouge and even on Dahlbäck's own label recordings, Pickadoll and Jackmoves. Last year he published 35 tracks and remixes, at the beginning of 2007 and under his a.k.a Hug, Heroes (Kompakt) saw the light.
Pickadoll's contains 14 tracks with different styles such as techno, electro and deep house. In addition to artists tracks as Zoo Brazil, Özgur Dog or Sébastien Léger, as well as a good number of singles of the proper Dahlbäck who up to the moment only had seen the light in format vinyl.

01. John Dahlbäck – Leave The Breadcrumbs/John Dahlbäck – Skrutt
02. Mark & John – Hoodinge
03. John Dahlbäck – Bobobear
04. John Dahlbäck – The Call feat. Yota
05. Mark & John – Jagging
06. John Dahlbäck – King Kong
07. Zoo Brazil – Resist
08. John Dahlbäck & Steffan Linzatti – Outside
09. Özgur Can – Lets Do This Again
10. John Dahlbäck – Snowman
11. Dada Life – The Great Fashionista Swindle
12. John Dahlbäck – If You Give Me
13. Sébastien Léger – Little Bug
14. Mark & John – Rince Nr. 1

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