Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Isolée - We Are Monster

Artist : Isolée
Album : We are monster
Genre: Electronic
Style : Minimal
Source: 1xCD
Label : Playhouse
Catalog# : PLAYCD015
Release Date : 06/06/2005
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 59.39

Rajko Müller from Frankfurt, Germany is the man behind the music recognised under the name Isolée and he comes with a big reputation for creativity and innovation in laying down his own personal take on dance, house and electronica.The man behind Isolee is not shy of dropping the odd outstanding 12" for club play ('Beau Mot Plage' from his first album "Rest" widely hailed as a house classic is just one example of many) but at the same time has been quoted as saying he is not really a DJ and is more driven towards creating deep, reflective tracks for listeners to absorb than dance floor fillers. With We Are Monster Isolée takes his experimental, futuristic house sounds on to another level, invites you to listen in on his lab experiment but still gives you the urge to dance to some but not ALL of his tracks. We are Monster is the kind of album most people will listen to at home when chilling out on the sofa or as a soundtrack for use when driving in the car as opposed to in the dance clubs and the first thing I'd say is that it hasn't quite got that extra something that'll blow you away the first time you hear it...or even after 5 or 6 listens. But it is a carefully crafted, smooth tempo-paced album that's never in a rush and Rajko Müller himself has been quoted as saying he takes as a compliment to his complex music making ability if it takes a few listens to digest his material.

01. Pictureloved
02. Schrapnell
03. Enrico
04. Mädchen Mit Hase
05. My Hi-Matic
06. Do Re Mi
07. Face B
08. Jelly Baby~Fish
09. Today
10. Pillowtalk

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