Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Röyksopp - The Understanding

Artist: Röyksopp
Album : The Understanding
Genre : Electronic,Ambient
Source: 1xCD
Label : Wall of Sound
Year : 2005
Quality : 192kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Tracks: 12
Size : 86.00

Norwegian duo Röyksopp return with their highly anticipated new album. 'The Understanding' follows Svein and Torbjorn's critically acclaimed debut album 'Melody AM'. Amidst dance music's myriad overhyped dsappointments, 'Melody AM' was a genuine surprise: a sound nobody expected from a place nobody was looking. Its charm reached clubbers, comedowners and open-minded rock fans alike.

It is now time for 'The Understanding'. Recorded in Bergen, Röyksopp sing on much of their new album. There are also additional vocals from Chelonis R Jones from Get Physical Records ('49 Percent'), Karin Dreijer from The Knife ('What Else Is There?') and new vocalist Kate Havnevik ('Only This Moment' and 'Circuit Breaker').

01. Triumphant
02. Only This Moment
03. 49 Percent
04. Sombre Detune
05. Follow My Ruin
06. Beautiful Day Without You
07. What Else Is There?
08. Circuit Breaker
09. Alpha Male
10. Someone Like Me
11. Dead To The World
12. Tristesse Globale

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