Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ed Rec vol.3

Title : Ed Rec vol.3
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro
Format : 1xCD
Label : Ed Banger
Release Date : 26/05/2008
Tracks : 12

01. Mr Oizo - Yves
02. Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (feat. Murs)
03. Mr Flash - Over The Top
04. SebastiAn - Dog
05. Uffie - Robot Oeuf
06. Justice - Stress (Auto Remix)
07. Mr Oizo - Minuteman’s pulse
08. DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano
09. Krazy Baldhead - No Cow, No Pow
10. DSL - Find Me In The World
11. Feadz - Back It Up (feat. Spank Rock)
12. So Me - Decalcomania


Serge said...


premier malvado said...

awesome!!!! buy this record and make banger richer!
password are filters for leechers, they dont deserve it!!!!! hehehehe

guillermo said...

hey men, mmm.. the passWord is?!?!?!

gReaT bLog!!!

from meXico gdL

Juanes said...

Juanes from Mexico DF:

i was expecting more from ed banger, it aint bad but i think they can do it better!

the best song is robot ouef!

i think the pass is:


or something like that.

great blog!

doug said...

Ok I love your blog but this is the first time that a password pops up, so fix it baby

lena said...

cade a senha????

Chardak said...

Hellow Sasha. DO you have any live sets from WMC 08? I was there and i want to get some to relive the memory.

apple said...


HERE IS A SITE WITH LOADS OF SETS FROM WMC 2008 : http://rapidshare.com/users/RL9MO1

pw when needed: lazy-night.com

enjoy em while it lasts mate!!



Anonymous said...

yay, NO passwork.. :(

Anonymous said...


pop-trendy.com said...

Thank you! the Bangers are like a cult and they have a huge following.... Its okay, but I know there are better DJ's out there playing, dare I say it! but I think Justice is a tad bit over-rated (Gasp*) - thats gonna deduct some brownie points!

Anonymous said...

great, might someone now where to fine Osborne «Osborne»


TTJ said...

Password ??? please...

public said...


Andy said...

This actually sucks really bad