Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sasha - New Emissions of Light and Sound

Artist : Sasha
Title : New Emissions of Light and Sound
Genre : Electronic
Format : MP3
Catalog# : --/D7AM03DVD
Release Date : 11/2007
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 37.25

New Emissions of Light and Sound is a ground breaking surf film released by award winning surf film producers, Globe. For the score, Globe partnered with DJ Sasha to create an audio-visual experience like nothing the surf world has ever seen. The score is made up of new and previously unreleased Sasha tracks. In January 2008, the film won BEST ORIGINAL SCORE at the X-Dance Film Festival. This, is the audio version.

01. Gothic Mood
02. Sparky
03. Rooski
04. Lonely Place
05. Arthill
06. Coma
07. Celestial
08. Electromania
09. Marketplace
10. Stars


steve abet said...

you ROCK so hard!

ChaMbeR said...

all the
DJ Sasha