Thursday, 13 March 2008

Muscles - Guns Babes Lemonade

Artist: Muscles
Title : Guns Babes Lemonade
Genre : Alternative
Format : 12"
Label : Modular
Catalog# : MODCD065
Release Date : 28/09/2007
Tracks : 11
Play Time : 44.11

The crystallization of the last 12 months of Muscles toiling away in a bedroom in Melbourne, a suite of songs set to jack dancefloors and hijack hearts. Already-anthems One Inch Badge Pin and Ice Cream are nestled amongst a forest of 11 of the most joyous moments of future pop likely to be heard this year.
Sweaty kicks the record off with perhaps the most ominous refrain to begin a record ever, while Chocolate Lemon & Lime is pure dancefloor bubblegum. My Friend Richard is the sort of uplifting body mover that people do PB’s to at the City Gym. The Lake is Guns Babes Lemonade’s epicly brooding centerpiece, a dark mongrel of a club stormer that growls and grumbles before opening up into the most incredibly awesome 90’s trance breakdown ever heard outside of Ibiza.

01. Sweaty
02. Chocolate Lemon & Lime
03. Ice Cream
04. Jerk
05. One Inch Badge Pin
06. My Friend Richard
07. The Lake
08. Lauren From Glebe
09. Marshmallow
10. Futurekidz
11. Hey Muscles I Love You

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