Friday, 21 March 2008

Dieter Schmidt - Morse Code from the Cold War

Artist : Dieter Schmidt
Title : Morse Code from the Cold War
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro
Format : 12"
Label : Kitsuné
Catalog# : KITSUNE020
Release Date : 2005
Tracks : 01
Play Time : 4.56

Once again someone famous wanted to hide his name, the X factor striking again Under a pseudonym, this mystery talent didn't hide their talent as well as their name, cause the track 'Morse Code From the Cold War' works like screaming madness in a club environment Dieter Schmidt 'Morse Code From The Cold War' - super subterfuge, super minimal, super twitchy.

A. Dieter Schmidt - Morse Code from the Cold War

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mattfelsen said...

no idea where i first heard this, but this song has kept getting stuck in my head since i rediscovered it in this video for a 3d display made of led's:

thanks for the download!