Sunday, 17 February 2008

UNKLE - Self Defence

Artist : UNKLE
Title : Self Defence
Genre : Electronic
Style : Progressive/House/Techno/Breaks
Format : 4xCD
Label : Global Underground
Catalog# : GUUNKBX1DIG
Release Date : 25/09/2006
Tracks : 39
Play Time : 77.37+77.11+72.40+78.46

UNKLE return with a phenomenal 4 CD box set containing brand new UNKLE material and over 40 remixes of tracks from their outstanding 'Never Never Land' album. The package includes remixes of the brand new UNKLE track 'Burn My Shadow' which features the vocal talents of Ian Astbury of the Cult, as well as mixes spanning a broad musical spectrum - breaks, house, progressive, techno through to Hip Hop with the aid of the diverse remixing talents of RJD2, Sasha, Evil 9 and Meat Katie.

Disc 1
01. Burn My Shadow [Junkie XL remix]
02. Burn My Shadow [Aidan Lavelle's Bells mix]
03. Burn My Shadow [Dan F remix]
04. What Are You To Me/These Days [Sasha Involver mix] - U.N.K.L.E./Petter
05. Eye For An Eye [Mode remix]
06. Eye For An Eye [Meat Katie's Twisted In The Globe remix]
07. Eye For An Eye [Meat Katie's E-Type dub]
08. Eye For An Eye [Tyrant remix]
09. In A State [Total Science Dub mix]
Disc 2
01. In A State/God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - U.N.K.L.E./Moby
02. Reign [Evil 9 mix]
03. Reign [Way Out West instrumental]
04. Reign [Trafik's Stoned Rose mix]
05. Reign [Morgan Geist remix]
06. Reign [Way Out West remix]
07. Reign [UNKLE reconstruction]
08. Reign [Three AM's Black Swan vocal mix]
Disc 3
01. Back & Forth [Secret intro]
02. I Need Something Stronger [DanF remix]
03. Reign [Instrumental version]
04. Invasion [Medway remix]
05. Inside [DanF remix]
06. In A State [Sasha instrumental]
07. In A State [Meat Katie Vs Elite Force remix]
08. In A State [Total Science vocal mix]
09. Eye For An Eye [2 Sinners remix]
10. Eye For An Eye [Dylan Rhymes Vs Force Mass Motion remix]
11. Eye For An Eye [Swain And Snell remix]
12. Tracier
Disc 4
01. Reign [RJD2 instrumental]
02. Reign [Aidan Lavelle mix]
03. Reign [Anagram remix]
04. Reign [False Prpophet remix]
05. Reign [RJD2 vocal mix]
06. In A State [Sasha remix]
07. In A State [DFA mix edit]
08. Blackout
09. Panic Attack [Ape Sounds mix]
10. Glow [Hybrid mix]
11. Have You Passed Through This Night Before [Eye For An Eye UNKLE Variation]
Part1 \\\ Part2 \\\ Part3 \\\ Part4 \\\ Part5


iLuSioN said...

oh my god , impressive collection , indeed a must-have , thanks alot !

Atom said...

Happen to know where the quote at the beginning of "In A State/God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" is taken from?

chris said...

The movie 'alive'

Fell said...


solcofn said...

Awesome....thanks for this!

Anyone know where I can find the unkle eden 5 disc box set?