Friday, 8 February 2008

Robots In Disguise - We're In The Music Biz

Artist: Robots In Disguise
Title : We're In The Music Biz
Genre : Alternative/Electro-Punk/Synth-Pop
Format : 1xCD
Label : President
Catalog# : RIDGET3CD
Release Date : 04/02/2008
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 34.03

Robots in Disguise is an electropunk band from England consisting of the girls Dee Plume and Sue Denim. The latter we already know from the IAMX project in which her friend and lover Chris Corner is leader of the gang. Chris Corner has also produced this third album of Robots in Disguise.

01. We're In The Music Biz
02. Can't Stop Getting Wasted
03. Sex Has Made Me Stupid
04. Animals
05. Tears
06. I Don't Have A God
07. I Live In Berlin
08. I'm Hit
09. Everybody's Going Crazy
10. Don't Copy Me