Friday, 22 February 2008

Luke Solomon - The Difference Engine

Artist : Luke Solomon
Title : The Difference Engine
Genre : Electronic
Style : Deep-House/Electro-House
Format : 1xCD
Label : Rekids
Catalog# : REKIDS002CD
Release Date : 11/02/2008
Tracks : 13
Play Time : 76.00

Luke Solomon's solo debut is a world away from the commercial electro he created as one half of the Freaks. Released on Rekids, one of Britain's most reliably excellent dance labels, The Difference Engine finds Solomon indulging his passion for acid house, Detroit techno and post-punk without ever being in thrall to them. It is a relaxed, loose-limbed affair, inventive and astonishingly hooky, at times reminiscent of a less mannered, less middle-aged LCD Soundsystem. The title track trips lightly down a cutely infectious riff, while cowbells, chants and tribal percussion clatter around. Elsewhere, dramatic disco strings, horn fanfares and jazz saxophone melodies snake their way through the thicket of beats.

01. The Difference Engine
02. The Beat Goes
03. Robots
04. People, Places, Thoughts And Faces
05. Skins
06. Top, Bottom (Version)
07. Martin, A Cello And Me
08. Out Of Control
09. Spirits
10. Open Fire
11. The Darkest Secret
12. Junkies And Whores
13. Liquid

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