Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Sascha Funke - Mango

Artist : Sascha Funke
Title : Mango
Genre : Electronic
Format : 1xCD
Label : Bpitchcontrol
Release Date : 08/02/2008
Tracks : 09
Play Time : 54.55

Sascha Funke was a busy man this year. After several 12“ releases and remix projects he finished his second LP in his new studio. It ownes the beautiful title mango and it is great. Gernot (the guy from modeselektor) suggested, that i should and it to him right away, because it ist the most mature thing, Sascha could create. Like its forerunner "bravo" you can expect no 08/15 speed-techno with 140 bpm, but a fresh and direct, catchy sound. Sasha definitely found his stile and knows how to prevent boredom. The opposite is the case: every track surprises.

01. Mango
02. We Are Facing The Sun
03. Feather
04. Take A Chance With Me
05. Summer Rain
06. Double Checked
07. Lotre (Mehr Fleisch)
08. Chemin Des Figons
09. The Fortune Cookie Symphony

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