Sunday, 20 January 2008

Innercity 2005-2008 by Dixon

Title : Innercity 2005-2008
Genre : Electronic
Style : Deep House
Format : Promotional CD
Release Date : 19/01/2008
Play Time : 69.04

This is the promotional CD, given away at Dixon's last
INNERCITY party on January 19th at Weekend Club Berlin. The mix
is by Dixon himself and features tracks played during the 3 years
of those famous INNERCITY parties.
Berlin-based Steffen Berkhahn a.k.a Dixon celebrates his Innercity night’s 3rd Year Anniversary on Saturday January 19th. His remarkable monthly club night at Berlin’s Weekend Club is shutting down. It will be definitely the final Innercity club night.
Dixon is best known for spinning the finest jazz, house and deep techno tunes in town and his Innercity club nights leaded to his own deep house label Innervisions, which he runs together with Âme.


Jess said...

Hey man thanks very much for this but is there possibly a .cue to go with this?

big ups form Oz

Jess said...

if it's only a mix tape then a tracklist would be greatly appreciated. Anyone? i know tracks off it but it will kill me ot have to think of them all. thanks again and happy one year anniversary