Friday, 25 January 2008

Clark - Turning Dragon

Artist: Clark
Title : Turning Dragon
Genre : Electronic
Style : Techno
Format : 1xCD
Label : Warp
Catalog# : WARPCD162
Release Date : 28/01/2008
Tracks : 11
Play Time : 46.35

Clark Drops his excellent new album. Don't expect the lullabies and emotional epics of the last album Body Riddle, Turning Dragon is a smasher.
Hard, deep, continuously evolving and gritty tracks, aimed at contorting your body on the dance floor or just contorting your brain. This is an album that you could almost call techno, but techno with the a.d.d. detail pushed as far as it can go.
We have a special deal on this record too so pay attention: The preorder extends to a month until 28th February, until that time you can add the serial number from the runout groove of the 'Throttle Promoter' ep into the promotional code box when you checkout for the item and you will receive a big 25% discount on the price of the album. This applies to both formats but only to this album.

01. New Year Storm
02. Volcun Veins
03. Truncation Horn
04. For Wolves Crew
05. Violenl
06. Radiation Clutch
07. Ache of the North
08. Mercy Sines
09. Hot May Slides
10. Beg
11. Penultimate Persian

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