Saturday, 22 December 2007

Pako & Frederik - The Alert

Artist : Pako & Frederik
Title : The Alert
Genre : Electronic
Format : 1xCD
Label : Global Underground
Catalog# : GUMU-010CD
Release Date : U.K 19/11/2007 \\\ U.S & Canada 11/12/2007
Tracks : 13
Play Time : 68.48

Pako and Frederik return to GUMUSIC with a stunning new artist album "THE ALERT"
The boy’s show poise and conviction with every turn that the album takes, whether building tension in the opener ‘The Laak’, or supplying blissful grooves on the track ‘Enclose Modulus’. The album is segued together to create an engaging listening experience, a complete piece of work carefully considered to enhance your enjoyment of the album.
As winter draws in, let Pako & Frederick warm you with their sublime and elegantly crafted new record – The Alert.

01. Laak
02. Nitro Fly
03. Lonely Spark
04. Under the Roof
05. Enclose Modulus
06. Rib Cage
07. A Riskier Tube
08. Happy defect
09. Pecunia
10. Disturbed Numerals
11. The Alert
12. Cirrupt and Immoral
13. Gamego

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