Saturday, 1 December 2007

James Zabiela - The Perseverance

Artist : James Zabiela
Title : The Perseverance
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House/Electro
Format : 12"
Label : Renaissance
Catalog# : RENX053
Release Date : 17/12/2007
Tracks : 04
Play Time : 33.02

Coming off the back of a massive year, James Zabiela now goes one step further, showing how he has excelled as a producer, exploring new ground with heady soundscapes and heartfelt melodies on a brand new, 4-track E.P.
Perseverance – The title track is a melancholic slice of house, James draws on influences from far and wide to create one of his most accomplished pieces of work to date. The sincere string breakdown and jabbing synths are compounded with an understated kick.
No Other Way But Down - A total gem and arguably one of the most notable tracks, the production is mature with a definite nod to one of his long-time loves, Depeche Mode.
Human - Ethereal vocals and lush pads create a brave techy sound. Just when you think this is going to be a down-tempo number the distorted rubber bass pings the track into action giving it a satisfying heads down groove.
Phaser Fire - Unashamedly classic James, with Zabiela-esque glitches – it’s a homage to his love of all things android and something of a friendly face in otherwise new territory.
James’ vocal’s feature on every track – but don’t call him a singer! He comments, “I would never dream of performing these tracks live, they're not full vocal songs I just thought they made a nice addition to the tracks and what better way to convey a thought or feeling than to actually say it?”
“I’m a bit of a control freak and I wanted the solo effort to be just that. Solo. I worked with people in the past and with the exception of Nic Fanciulli I find it harder to partner up in the studio.”
This is, essentially to James the most “personal” thing he has ever released, although he points out whatever resonance they may hold for him this collection of tracks are very much aimed at getting people raving.
The ‘Perseverance’ EP shows it’s only a matter of time until James achieves his dream of “one day making an electronic LP with real songs on it and that test my abilities as a producer/song writer.”

01. Perseverance
02. No Other Way But Down
03. Human
04. Phaser Fire


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