Saturday, 10 November 2007

False [aka Matthew Dear] - 2007

Artist : False aka Matthew Dear
Title : 2007
Genre : Electronic
Style : Minimal/Tech-House
Format : 1xCD
Label : M_nus
Catalog# : M55CD
Release Date : 20/07/2007
Tracks : 14
Playtime : 59.47

Essentially a special one off live set, the new continuous play False LP ‘2007’ defines Dear’s relationship with Minus. Together with the accompanying vinyl release of Fed On Youth / Face The Rain he has concocted a work of such stunning intricacy, verve and substance that it will surely be in amongst the favourites when this year’s highlights are assessed.
The opening sequence unfurls gradually but even as the ominous Indy 3000 drifts into the metronomic comfort of Meat Me In The Markt you can already feel the gravitational pull sucking you in. The electro shock therapy of Warm Co. and the pensive minimalism of Timing and Alright Liar continue turning the screw and before you know it you’re lost in a void of slow chugging sub-beats, filtered vox fx and dense, disorienting reverbs. Distant melodies somehow make it through, like the soft, meditative tones on Plus Plus and the melancholy motif of Face the Rain, which leaves you temporarily frozen and suspended before the energetic Dollar Down ushers in the pivotal, subsonic avalanche of Disease/George Washington.
The album starts to gather momentum on the home stretch. The tension and suspense of Act Like Children/Excalibur roll into In The Heather which in turn breaks under the weight of Fed On Youth as Dear finally unleashes a sequence of laser guided synth stabs that recall the hi-octane drive-by of the intro. Stomachs/Ankle Biter extends the climactic conclusion amid a wash of analogue white noise before Forgetting finally releases the pressure valve, slowly drifting back to the initial point of origin.
What is so memorable about this collection of tracks is the way it strikes the perfect balance between abstract experimentation and full on techno nirvana without ever breaking stride or losing focus. Dear is an artist you can trust to deliver. There’s nothing brash or over blown here, all the real action is nestled between the beats - enticing yet unreachable - while the grooves he concocts are all so earthy and raw that the kick drum functions as an alternative rather than a necessity.

01. Indy 3000
02. Meat Me In The Markt
03. Warm Co
04. Timing
05. Alright Liar
06. Plus Plus
07. Face The Rain
08. Dollar Down
09. Disease/George Washington
10. Act Like Children/Exaclibur
11. In The Heather
12. Fed On Youth/Hlm/Dlg
13. Stomachs/Ankle Biter
14. Forgetting

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