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Cadenza Contemporary 01 and Classics compiled & mixed by Luciano

Title : Cadenza Contemporary 01 and Classics
Genre : Electronic
Style : Minimal/Techno
Format : 2xCD
Label : Cadenza Records
Catalog# : CADCD02
Release Date : 02/11/2007
Tracks : 16
Playtime : 67.01+66.24

For its first-ever CD edition, Cadenza prepares something truly special. Spread across two CDs, Cadenza Contemporary 0.1 & Classics is a distillation of the label's essence-not just an overview of its past, but also a teasing suggestion of what lies ahead.
The first CD, mixed by Luciano, digs its fingers into the label's six most recent records-plus Luciano's own "Tonerres," from the lone Cadenza Split Composition release so far-and teases out a single thread, which it rolls lovingly between its fingertips. The mix could have taken any number of different directions; Cadenza's last seven or eight releases, not to mention its entire 22-record run, offer a multitude of offbeats and accents that might serve as the stepping stones across the label's history. Luciano's mix takes the snakiest path possible, beginning with the blippy, aquamarine-colored house of Argenis Brito and Digitaline before taking a detour through Petre Inspirescu's sideshow psychedelia. When things get a little noir he opens the slats on Andomat 3000 & Jan's clattery Venetian blinds, making way for Rhadoo's percussive, mid-day reverie, all swirling dust motes and forgotten clocks ticking in the distance. Alejandro Vivanco brings a momentary wake-up call with his rubbery bass wallop, and then irreality descends again courtesy Luciano and Pikaya, delivering two of the deepest, most gravity-free tracks in Cadenza's catalogue.
CD two highlights Cadenza's early years with a selection of classics culled from the label's first six releases, all of them appearing for the first time on unmixed CD. Luciano & Quenum lead off with the rightfully anthemic "Orange Mistake," and Luciano & Pier Bucci follow up with the liquid Latin ripple of "Amael". Quenum & Lee Van Dowski's "Extension" is as kinetic as anything the label's ever done, a hall of mirrors and circuit boards, while Luciano & Serafin's "Funk Excursion" goes straight for the gut-no need to bring your own funk, it's here in plentiful supply. Nsi.'s "Max Binski" remains at the frontier of Cadenza's outer limits: channeling free-jazz piano into an anxious, bass-heavy groove, it's one of electronic music's strongest tracks of the last half-decade, and its arrival on CD is cause enough to welcome this release. Finally, Luciano closes the disc out with "Bomberos," one of Cadenza's earliest hits and a shining example of his way with a supple, slippery groove.
Beautifully packaged in Cadenza's characteristically sumptuous designs, Cadenza Contemporary 0.1 is a milestone for one of electronic music's most important labels, and a tangible time-capsule to collect and keep.

CD1 - Cadenza Contemporary 0.1
1. Argenis Brito – Amplified
2. Digitaline – Honolulu (Digitaline’s Kamehameha)
3. Petre Inspirescu – Racakadoom
4. Luciano & Digitaline – Honolulu (Luciano’s Liliukalani)
5. Andomat 3000 & Jan – L Delay
6. Rhadoo – Woa Ovuls
7. Petre Inspirescu – Galantar
8. Alejandro Vivanco – Madre Tierra
9. Luciano – Tonerres
10. Pikaya – Fango

CD2 - Cadenza Classics
01. Luciano & Quenum – Orange Mistake
02. Luciano & Pier Bucci – Amael
03. Quenum & Lee Van Dowski – Extension
04. Lucicano & Serafin – Funk Excursion
05. N.S.I. – Max Binski
06. Luciano - Bomberos
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