Monday, 5 November 2007

Tiefschwarz - Misch Masch

Title : Misch Masch
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro/Techno
Format : 2xCD
Label : FINE
Catalog# : FOR 5189192
Release Date : 09/10/2004
Tracks : 27
Playtime : 74.51+78.14
Notes : Disc1 is a DJ Mix\\Disc2 is a collection of unmixed remixes by Tiefschwarz

To commemorate nine months being online and registering such an impressive amount of visits during the past times, here's the long awaited ground breaking compilation uploaded in order to thank you all for your great support. Thanks to each and everybody who supported me throughout these year
***************-THANK YOU-******************
*****Exclusively here, on sashasretroemporium*****

Disc One
01. André Kraml - Safari
02. Mathew Jonson - Folding Space
03. Sleeparchive - Elephant Island
04. Dominik Eulberg - Adler
05. Temptation - Sound Dealers
06. Max Durante & Keith Tucker - Digital System
07. Think Twice - ITWFM (The Wannabe Lost On The Forbidden Planet Mix)
08. Drama Society feat Turner - Crying Hero (Tiga Remix)
09. Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Riton Remix)
10. Kiki - Run With Me
11. Mathew Jonson - Decompression
12. Drama Society - Papa Luciani's Strange Death
13. Code 6 - Quad 1
14. Derrick May - The Dance
15. Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Joakim Edit)
16. Popular Computer - I Can't Forget You

Disc Two
01. Micatone - Plastic Bags & Magazines
02. Dj Tal - Digital World
03. Unit 4 - Body Dub
04. Phonique feat Die Elfen - The Red Dress
05. Lopazz - Blood
06. Spektrum - Kinda New
07. Tiefschwarz & Eric D'clark - Blow (Dub)
08. Hell - Listen To The Hiss
09. Mocky feat Ad Hawk - Mickey Mouse Muthafuckas (Unreleased Mix)
10. Trüby Trio feat Marcus Begg - Universal Love (Unreleased Dub)
11. Lost 'N' Alive - Feels Like Love
Part1 \\\ Part2 \\\ Part3


gertv said...

thank you so much for the nine months!

Thijs said...

thank you for all the time and effort! woomp woomp!!
never had so much new music in years

NiER said...

can't wait! :)
thank you very much...
you're my hero!

Isuru said...

Dude!! We'r the one's that should be thanking you!!

Absolutely brilliant music!!

nucuproject...dice... said...

gracias ati hermano desde mexico, thanks for all man......thanks

David said...

Congrats & best wishes for the future ahead, Sasha. U deserve it. Thank u (100x)

saudade said...

Regards from Spain.

Niels Christian said...

Hey Sasha

As all the other people, thanks a lot for your effort. It is a pleasure to thank you!

Regards from Denmark too.

Ollie said...

Your my daily dose of decent. thankyou.

Strumer said...

congratulations! nice blog, nice and really new music!! keep going...

cheers from Portugal!!

La Chica del Viernes said...

congratulations! thank you so much for the nine months and for the music

Regards from Spain.

Ramiro said...

Thanks for sharing so amazing music with the world.

Regards from Buenos Aires ARGENTINA!

ardavan said...

thanks for this man

from france and iran

Andreas said...

com todos esses agradecimentos do mundo todo, quero deixar aqui o meu tbm do brasil!!!
Muito obrigado por todas essas musicas maravilhosas!!!

harryruffner said...

thank you so very much sasha...
what you do here is a blessing in disguise....

keep up the good work. I am your biggest fan.....

zajec1 said...

Thank you for your support!
Big respect!!
Cheers from serbia!!


sam said...

thanks for all the great tunes sasha.u area musical pioneer!
not sure if you know but the torrent site oink has been shut down, nightmnare. this used to be the source of all my new music downloads, can u reccomend a similar site that does the same job? I NEED MY TECHNO! thanks x

Amedeo said...

if only were as easy and well laid out as this. thanks for your time and effort buddy, keep the tunes coming. greetings from london and switzerland

rodrigo said...

thanks!!!!! bro you rock, regards from mexico!

peter-janssens said...

Thank you for the music, Sasha.
You've made my days!
I really hope you won't stop making them.
Keep up the good work ;-)
Greetings from Belgium,

hiroki said...

big big thanks from Japan

Walter said...

thanks for each beat
thanks for all

never stop the music

cheers from brazil


sandaychill said...

Thanks for everything cant wait for the next release

Jess said...

Thankyou so much for all of the beautiful music. You give me my daily hit of new tunes. Big ups from Sydney Australia :D

Sagi said...

what a Nostalgy ! such an AWESOME set !!!!!!! (Misch-Masch)


Alexandra said...

Thank you Sasha, this is a great blog-- I've discovered a lot of great new stuff via your emporium.

TT said...

Muchísimas gracias :D
Desde La Coruña, España.

Niall said...

Hey Mate,

Thanks a million for all your uploads! Much appreciated!!

Zoran said...

Long live and prosper!

Greetings from Macedonia!

dudeargila said...

does anybody know the password to unzip this file?

Sashasretroemporium® said...

dudeargila said...


Cr41L said...

The password doesn't work for me?
I use this :
It doesn't extract :(

stephen8 said...

great album and music
you're the best
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

.rar files won't extract? I had a similar problem when trying to use Stuffit Expander. Here's a suggestion for Mac users:

1. Download a different .rar explorer like Zipeg 2.0 for OS X. It's free.
2. Install
3. Run the application on the uncooperative .rar archive
4. Re-enter for p/w when prompted
5. Enjoy the music. Delicious.

Thanks, Sasha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha,

I have been dying to get this comp. How can I get it??

Robert of SF

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys!! anybody could tell me the password for this amazing album.... i ve been trying "", but it doesn´t work. please help!! i need body dub for this weekend!!!

echops said...

Hi! The links are dead. Is there any possible chance they could be re-uploaded? Thanks in advance!