Thursday, 11 October 2007

At The Controls mixed by Agoria

Title : At The Controls
Genre : Electronic
Format : 2xCD
Label : Resist
Catalog# : RESISTCD106
Release Date : 08/10/2007
Tracks : 38
Play Time : 59.18+63.22

Resist’s revered and ever anticipated ‘At The Controls’ series is a unique exploration of the musical hearts and minds of the world’s most innovative contemporary DJs.
Now, following in the footsteps of Claude VonStroke, who delivered a masterstroke with his recent compilation, techno’s very own l’enfant terrible, Agoria (a.k.a Sebastien Devaud), assumes his rightful position behind the mixing desk and creates two truly mercurial discs of intense personal and professional significance that may well rank as the most mind-blowing addition to ‘At The Controls’ yet.
Agoria’s complex and multi-faceted mix doesn’t just burn the rulebook; it skins up the pages, smokes the ashes, and revels in a simmering, boundary-blurring high that has to be heard to be believed.
CD1 delves deep into minimal house, techno, and twisted electronica, including Swayzak’s ‘ Smile & Receive’ (Apparat Remix), Plaid’s 'Ol' and Ben Westbeech’s ‘Hang Around’ (Wahoo Main Mix).
CD2 is an eclectic and enigmatic trawl through some of the more avant-garde soundscapes that have shaped Agoria as a musician. Listen out for Bauhaus’s 'Bela Lugosi's Dead', Murcof’s ‘Cosmos 1’ and Jamie Woon’s ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ (Burial Remix).

Of his fruitful union with ‘At The Controls’, Sebastien had the following to say: "It’s a double mix CD but it's not only two DJ mixes, it’s more like the soundtrack of my July summer tour. During one month of travels, festivals, meetings, parties and crazy mornings I’ve recorded lots of sounds, atmospheres, noises, talking humans and machines. Only the main ‘extra noises’ I added are featured on the tracklist, but there are lots of hidden sounds, noises and words everywhere on both CDs. I reworked many of those to marry them totally to the music. Thanks to all the people, animals, materials who allowed themselves to appear! It was really fun. This is baroque? This is the sixth finger!"
Agoria is one of the most distinctive and original voices to emerge from the ever-fertile French electronic scene. Strongly influenced by jazz and Detroit techno, Sebastien began his careering DJing at international clubs alongside such luminaries as Jeff Mills and Carl Cox. His debut album Blossom was heralded as a techno masterpiece, while his latest LP, The Green Armchair, redefined him as nothing less than an untouchable modern electro innovator.
Now, his contribution to the ‘At The Controls’ series is primed to become a seminal touchstone in what is already an illustrious and groundbreaking career. So listen while you can. Stars this bright don’t burn for long.

CD 1
01. Daniel Teruggi - Instants DHiver
02. Raymond Scott - The Paperwork Explosion
03. Onur Ozer - Halikarnas
04. Gel Abril - Very Wrong (Chaim Mix)
05. Ziggy Kinder - Que Pasa Maria
06. Danton Eeprom - Noovy
07. Sarah Goldfarb - Crashed By Myself
08. The Viewers - Blank Images
09. Francesco Tristano - The Melody (Ball Remix)
10. Raymond Scott - The Paperwork Explosion
11. Mikael Stavostrand - Housedays (Koljah Remix)
12. Ben Westbeech - Hang Around (Wahoo Main Mix)
13. Catz n Dogz - Searching
14. Lophi - From Dusk Till Down (TG Remix)
15. Efdemin - Acid Bells
16. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - Tuesday Paranoia
17. Swayzak - Smile & Receive (Apparat Remix)
18. Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation)
19. Anja Schneider - Belize
20. ChloƩ - Be Kind To Me
21. Plaid - Ol

CD 2
01. Unit - Your Arrival Is Our Arrival
02. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
03. TV Victor - Agai
04. Murcof - Cosmos 1
05. Rone - Bora
06. Fairmont - Flight Of The Albatross
07. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
08. Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)
09. Cubenx - Repeat
10. Stefan Goldmann - Lunatic Fringe
11. Roland Appel - Dark Soldier
12. Planningtorock - When Are You Gonna Start
13. Grand National - Drink To Moving On
14. Telepopmusik - Love Can Damage Your Health (Abicah/Dennis Ferrer Remix)
15. Guy Gerber & Chaim - My Space
16. Evade - RIP
17. Apparat - Arcadia
Part1 \\\ Part2

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