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Addicted vol.2 mixed by Gui Boratto

Title : Addicted vol.2
Genre : Electronic
Style : Techno
Format : 2xCD
Label : Platipus
Catalog# : PLATCD165
Release Date : 22/10/2007
Tracks : 24
Play Time :

Globally renowned for his productions on labels such as Kompakt, Harthouse, K2, Plastic City and Audiomatique and live sets that have taken him from Cocoon to DC10 and beyond, ‘Addicted Volume 2’ is, surprisingly, Gui Boratto’s first ever mix CD. Fusing together a subtle, rhythmic and melodic collection of modern electronic compositions that segue from minimal tones to hypnotic tech-house grooves we find Gui steering between the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Minilogue, SuperMayer, Oliver Koletzki & Kiki, Jamie Anderson, The Field and Sascha Funke with a few of his own new productions thrown in for added measure. Fitting somewhere between the nocturnal grooves of a late night DJ set and the eye squinting dawn of the after-hours party scene, Gui Boratto delivers a beautiful and beguiling, flowing mix that sucks you into the next day.
Born in 1974, Sao Paulo producer Gui Boratto grew up listening to new wave and electro – although we’re talking emotional stadium electro like Depeche Mode rather than big room electro here. “I don’t like electro much,” shrugs Gui. “Actually, let me explain: I don’t like poor electro, I think it’s for really young people! I like rock ‘n’ roll and eighties new wave artists like Echo And The Bunnymen and Depeche Mode.”
His musical upbringing totally informs the colours and shapes he makes and unearths himself. The warmth and strength of a classic melody and rich synth lines flow through his productions. Records that sync perfectly in key and mid-tempo rhythms that connect on Cocoon and DC10 floors alike: these are the elements Gui is drawn to. “People can really hear what I’m into on this CD,” he says. “But because I’m not a DJ, I approached this as a musician. I am always working in my studio so I don’t have the time to go to the store!”
Now 33 years old, Gui recently released his debut album on Kompakt, ‘Chromophobia’, which was instantly bestowed Album Of The Month status in Mixmag. Located at the heart of the LP, the super-melodic ‘Beautiful Life’ is the sound of sweeping chords working in perfect harmony. It’s already an end–of-night anthem at Pure Pacha in Ibiza. “Everybody is into this music and it’s really amazing. ‘Liebe Ist’ by Stephan Bodzin is a spectacular, timeless piece of music (included in this mix). I also included fresh tracks like ‘Guimba’ which I just produced with Anderson Noise.”
Recorded on Ableton mid-way through the summer, Gui’s mix is an electronic diary of a year in music. It’s not necessarily minimal, it’s more warm, open and inviting than that. Joining the dots between key labels like Kompakt, Get Physical and Systematic, this is a pure two-hour insight into Gui’s inner hard drive. At times – as on Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Liebe Ist’ (‘Love Is’), it also contains some of the best elements of classic trance. What Addicted also does is display the emotional, rhythmical element to a sound that’s making techno sexy again.
As a two hour musical journey, Addicted makes for a serene home-listening experience. It’s also a cheap way to get an insight into Gui’s tour diary without having to pay for a bundle of air tickets. But it does get a little angry when ‘Elephants Parade’ by Minilogue charges into ear-shot. “I really admire Minilogue and SuperMayer (AKA Aksel Schaufler and Michael Mayer), two of the most pure producers out there. They’re really honest with their taste and have a strong musical personality. But each track has its own story. With SuperMayer, for example, Michael and I did a little US tour together and when he played ‘Two Of Us’ everyone would freak out.”
Integrity, honesty, synthesizers, studios and rock ‘n’ roll rule Gui Boratto’s world. Which just leaves one crucial element. Would you describe your music as techno? “Yes,” he answers, slowly. “It’s slow, melodic techno. With a lot of synthesizers!” His new wave heroes would be proud.

'TECHNO COMPILATION OF THE MONTH' MIXMAG’s not (whisper it) minimal; it’s more warm, open and inviting than that. At times it also contains some of the best elements of (whisper again) classic trance. What Addicted also does is display the emotional, rhythmical element to a sound we’re starting to dub sexy techno.....

Disc 1
01. Dan Berkson - Circuits
02. Agn├Ęs - Hi Murda (LP Edit)
03. Stephan Bodzin - Liebe ist..
04. Garnica - Hielo Sobre Arena
05. Synclair - The Way Home
06. Gui Boratto - Mr. Decay (Robert Babicz Universum Disco Mix)
07. Simon Flower - Sayyes
08. Martinez - Sinus Wave
09. Dusty Kid - Milk
10. Minilogue - Elephants Parade
11. Daso - Thujon
12. Atto & Anderson Noise - Guimba

Disc 2
01. The Rice Twins - Can I Say
02. D-Pulse - Euphoria
03. Oliver Koletzki & Kiki - Don't Forget To Go Home
04. Axel Bartsch - Rock n Roll
05. Ritch & Collins - Waldorf
06. Sian - Flood (Gui Boratto Mix)
07. Jamie Anderson - Time Is Now (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)
08. Oriol Benedet - Ensaimada (Joachim Spieth Remix)
09. Gui Boratto - Hera
10. The Field - Over The Ice
11. Sascha Funke - Ey
12. SuperMayer - Two Of us
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