Friday, 14 September 2007

Luca Ricci presents 1 year of Aenaria Tribal

Artist : Luca Ricci
Title : 1 year of Aenaria Tribal
Genre : Tribal
Format : 1xCD
Label : Kaos Records
Catalog# : 11.80.8671
Release Date : 07/05/2007
Tracks : 13
Play Time : 71.59

'One Year of Aenaria Tribal' is a musical presentation of Luca Ricci’s imprint Aenaria Tribal and of course Luca Ricci as a dj. It is a mix of ethnic, melodic progressive but also peak hour techno tribal house music, skillfully compiled and mixed. This mix features released and many unreleased productions by the man himself and several Aenaria Tribal artists.
The drum is world’s oldest instrument and used in all kinds of rituals and ceremonies. Whether it was used to communicate or to celebrate, the beat of the drum has been in human lives since the beginning. It is the essence of modern dance music. It moves your body almost subconsciously as it speaks to your deepest instincts. Luca Ricci is a very diverse dj and producer and he does not stick to only one genre, but embraces all styles in electronic dance music today. However his love for the tribal beat will never fade and that can be heard in his amazing 'One Year of Aenaria Tribal' mix, which is not just about one style of Tribal House so to speak, but it is a journey through all kinds of styles within this genre.

01. Intro*
02. Belocca - Indonesia (Original Mix)
03. Luca Ricci & Redkone - Last Inca Tribe (Extended Mix)
04. Glender - Echoes (Original Mix)
05. Natural Born Groovers - The Call Of Lambada (Original Mix)
06. UnLogic - Nu Tribe (Original Mix)
07. Luca Ricci feat. Monica Hernadez – La Musica vs El Dinero (London 909 Remix)
08. Mitch Boys - Understand (Original Mix)
09. Deep'N Soul - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
10. Mitch Boys - Brought Back (Original Mix)
11. Jaimy & Luca Ricci feat. Monica Hernadez - Todos es Aqua (Original Mix)
12. Welton v Zulauf - Mad Bojo (Alex Ocampo Ultra Dark Remix)
13. Luca Ricci & Craig Mitchell - Hellz Yeah (Original Mix)
* Accapella: Luca Ricci feat. Monica Hernadez - La Musica vs El Dinero
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