Wednesday, 12 September 2007

John Digweed - Transitions Vol. 3

Title : Transitions Vol.3
Genre : Electronic
Format : 2xCD
Catalog# : REN37CD
Release Date : 24/09/2007
Tracks : 20+1
Play Time : 77.05+24.59

Digweed returns with the eagerly anticipated third volume in his critically acclaimed Transitions series...
Transitions Vol.3 finds John delivering a peak-time reflection of his current sound, “Musically speaking, I’ve been shifting through the gears over the series,” he says. “And we’re now approaching top speed. This mix still represents an immediate snapshot of my favourite tunes and producers, but it’s also about that specific energy you get at 3 or 4am at the best clubs or festivals around the world.”
To capture and realise this, John worked a whopping 20 tracks into the album. “Running the tracklist up so high was a conscious decision,” he elaborates, “It allowed me to generate that energy and atmosphere, which I further reinforced by creating exclusive edits.” Infact every track on T3 has been given the magic touch and then, quite literally, continuously layered into the mix; in the overall running time, the passages where there isn’t a mix running are actually shorter than those where they are! It’s an intense ride, which in true Digweed fashion builds over its 78-minute excursion…
The mix kicks off with a track that personifies its special nature, the elusively titled COMA – coma 1. Moving on, further notable highlights from the broad musical spectrum include the innovative use of Lawrence’s ‘Along The Wire’, broken down and part-used throughout its neighbours, Sweet N Candy and Einzelkind; the Dusty Kid / Aldo Kadiz mash-up; ‘Begun The End Has’ from Harthouse regular Joel Mull; the incredible Josh Wink remix of Someone Else and Gui Boratto’s emotive interpretation of Adam Freeland’s latest.
Finally, the finished versions of T3 will also feature a second disc containing a brand new, 25-minute track from the minds of John and Nick Muir, “ We started on it earlier in the year”, says Digweed, “And it quite literally grew (and grew!) from there. It reached a point where it seemed better suited to an album, so hit upon the idea of marrying it with T3 as a way of giving something back to our fans.”
Transitions Vol.3 is John Digweed at his relentlessly, innovative best...

Disc One
01. Sasha - Coma [Transitions Intro Edit]
02. Marc Marzenit - Spheere
03. Sweet N Candy - There
04. Lawrence - Along The Wire [Superpitcher Mix]
05. Einzelkind - Maferefumeco
06. Christian Fischer - Advance Panorama
07. Daniela Stickroth - Chest In The Attic
08. Joel Mull - Begun The End Has
09. Paul Ritch - Messene
10. Reshuffle - Hedonism
11. Pelle Buys - Come Into My World [Chaim Mix]
12. Chaim - Genesis
13. Dusty Kid - Kore
14. Aldo Cadiz - JS Cuba
15. Ink & Needle - Seven
16. Someone Else - Lowdown Brittle [Wink's Profound Sound Interpretation]
17. Solead - Giddy Down [Jamie Stevens Mix]
18. Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills [Gui Boratto Remix]
19. Umek - Ricochet Effect
20. Guy J - Save Me

Disc Two
01. John Digweed - Gridlock [John Digweed & Nick Muir's 25 Minute Extended Mix]
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