Sunday, 15 July 2007

Modeselektor - Happy Birthday!

Artist : Modeselektor
Title : Happy Birthday!
Country : Germany
Genre : Electronic
Style : Techno/Minimal/Electro
Source : 1xCD
Label : Bpitch Control
Catalog# : BPC159
Release Date : 11/09/2007
Tracks : 17
Play Time : 69.40

Modeselektor will be releasing their second album, Happy Birthday! on BPitch Control on September 11, 2007. After playing tons of shows from Sydney to Iceland last year, Modeselektor's Gernot and Szary holed up in their mobile airstream caravan recording studio in order to give birth to this new album. The record is once again a description of the constant state of mind of the duo from Berlin-Wedding. Not only are they on the same wavelength professionally through touring and working in the studio, but in their private lives as well, as both will become fathers very soon, hence the title Happy Birthday!
Thom Yorke, Maximo Park, Puppetmastaz, Paul St. Hilaire, Otto von Schirach, Siriusmo and the French Rap gang TTC all make guest appearances on Happy Birthday! The repertoire of Happy Birthday! goes from hard rap à la French to Dubstep to Eurocrunk to Continental Grime to Tech-Rap and many more...

01. Godspeed
02. 2000007 (Feat. TTC)
03. Happy Birthday
04. Let Your Love Grow (Feat. Paul St. Hillaire)
05. B.M.I.
06. EM Ocean
07. Sucker Pin
08. The First Rebirth
09. The Dark Side Of The Frog
10. The Dark Side Of The Sun (Feat. Puppetmastaz)
11. Black Block
12. Edgar
13. Hyper Hyper (Feat. Otto von Schirach)
14. Late Check-Out
15. The Wedding Toccata Theme
16. The White Flash (Feat. Thom Yorke)
17. Deboutonner (Feat. Siriusmo)


iLuSioN said...

:)) :)) very funny pic ! btw 10x 4 the album !

Jonas said...

Maldita sea! Que clase de palo! Excelente colaboración! Te rankeaste! Modeselektor es ley!

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