Monday, 2 July 2007

The Ace Of Clubs - Benefist

Artist : The Ace Of Clubs
Title : Benefist
Genre : Electronic
Style : Eclectic/Leftfield/Acid House
Source : 1xCD
Catalog# : FSK010CD
Release Date : 18/06/2007
Tracks : 15
Play Time : 74.39

Luke Vibert's on a mission - and thankfully his latest incarnation as the Ace of Clubs has provided him a platform for his best material in quite some years. Pure Acid-House, using classical drum-machines and of course a fat layer of 303, ''benefist'' is clearly dance-floor oriented. But a living room is also a dance-floor in itself! Benefist might sound quite straight to the point, but lots of very thin and precise details arise. Probably one of his most personal works to date.

01. Cordial
02. Electrip
03. Heathrow Hardcore Terminal
04. Classid
05. Whorcan
06. Whirr Jill
07. Benefist
08. Assid
09. Ecid
10. Analoaf
11. Patriotic Acid
12. Rubber Chunks
13. Pheel The Phorce
14. Fruitacid
15. Acid Dream
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ja, luke is the man