Tuesday, 12 June 2007

NT89 mixes ElecTRIParty n1

Title : ElecTRIParty
Genre : Electronic
Style : Electro
Format : 1xCD
Tracks : 23
Playtime : 66.49
mixed and selected by NT89 LIVE 130bpm

Digitalism "Pogo (Mentalism remix)" [Kitsuné]
Yuksek "Composer (Surkin remix)" [Institubes]
The Bloody Beetroots "Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodle"
The Kills "No Now (Mstrkrft remix)" [Modular]
SebastiAn "Ross Ross Ross" [Ed Banger]
Les Petit Pilous "Jolie Fille (The Bloody Beetroots remix)"
Surkin "Kiss n Fly (Institubes President)" [Institubes]
Klaxons "Atlantis to Interzone (Mr Miyagi remix)"
Mr Brown "I eaten Daft Punk" [Philtre]
Charlie Fanclub "80s Miami" [LUSTyle]
Crystal Castles "Alice Practice" [Kitsuné]
Dirty Disco Youth "Physical Education (Mr Brown remix)"
DMT Synth "Atreyus" [989 Records]
Justice "One minute to midnight (Tknik remix)"
Hostage "Gluttony (The Bloody Beetroots remix)"
Justice "D.A.N.C.E. (Msrkrft remix)"
Kavinsky "Testarossa Autodrive" [Ed Banger]
Vitalic "No fun (Elektro Clash mix)" [Pias]
The Doors "Go insane"
Mr. Oizo "Nazis (Justice remix)" [Ed Banger]
The Presets "Down Down Down (Digitalism remix)" [Kitsuné]
Fox N Wolf "Youth Alcoholic (Etienne De Crecy remix)" [Kitsuné]
Justice Vs Simian "We are your friends (Radio Slave remix)" [Ed Banger]


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Please if anyone know were to get cue. please post it here :)

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