Monday, 11 June 2007

Benjamin Bates - Recyclomania

Artist : Benjamin Bates
Title : Recyclomania
Genre : Electronic
Style : Prog.House/Tech-House
Format : 1xCD
Label : Big&Dirty
Catalog# : BADCD002
Release Date : 08/06/2007
Tracks : 11
Playtime : 48.12

Benjamin Bates second album is a personal document that successfully evokes a variety of moods, ranging from ecstasy on the first single 'On My Feet', melancholy in opening track 'Note To Self #1' and desperation in 'Forever Running'. He wrote, arranged, played, sang, produced and mixed the entire album himself with his production partner Marco V.
The title of the album refers to the habit of recycling music. Nowadays, many dance hits are based on samples of old hit singles.
Recyclomania echoes the music from Bates' youth: electronic synthesizer pop, trance, 80's pop, house and even punk. Even though it's still electronically produced dance music, it's far from your typical club album. Pop structures are blended with dance influences in such a way that the songs appeals to both die-hard dance fans and lovers of pop music "There were no limitations for this album. Dance is originally a genre that brings people together, but it seems to have become more narrow-minded. In that respect, the genre could learn a lot from the rock world, which is more open-minded towards other musical genres."

01. Note To Self #1
02. On My Feet (This World Needs More People Like You)
03. Divine
04. Recyclomania
05. Forever Running
06. Equal
07. Given Up The Try
08. Two Flies
09. The Next Big Thing
10. Taking Me High
11. Everything You Hoped For
Part1 Part2


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