Tuesday, 29 May 2007

V-Sag - Shakespearean Love

Artist : V-Sag
Title : Shakespearean Love
Genre : Electronic
Style : Progressive/House
Format : 2xCD
Label : The Sound Of Everything
Catalogue# : TSOE CD 008
Release Date : 26/03/2007
Tracks : 22
Playtime : 78.29+75.19

V-Sag strikes back with his second LP, this time a double-CD masterpiece, 14 original tracks and 8 remixes, including V-Sag remixes on some of our finest artists, Dimi Phaze, Kristin Mainhart, Christos Stylianou and Drive plus remixes by DJ Tarkan and V-Sag on the best dance tracks of the album.

CD1 - The Album
01. Shakespearean Love feat. Tomomi Ukumori
02. High Seas
03. 20 Days By You
04. Only Star feat. D-Scarlet
05. A Better Place
06. Industrialism
07. Northen Lights
08. Far East feat. Tomomi Ukumori
09. Moonlight feat. Tomomi Ukumori
10. Deep Blue Feelings
11. The Guide feat. Tomomi Ukumori
12. Mon Amour
13. Sacred Truth feat. Tomomi Ukumori
14. A Look Of You feat. Baby Queen

CD2 - Special Remix Project
01. Christos Stylianou feat. Maria Latsinou Smell Of Roses (V-Sag's Alternative Mix)
02. V-Sag feat. Tomomi Ukumori Far East (V-Sag's Breaks Mix)
03. Drive feat. Luci Arundel Stay (DJ Tarkan and V-Sag Remix)
04. Kristin Mainhart Broken Girl (V-Sag's Broken Heart Remix)
05. Dimi Phaze vs Mary Jeras All This Love (V-Sag Epic Mix)
06. Dimi Phaze feat. Baby Queen Bad Dream (V-Sag Remix)
07. V-Sag feat. Tomomi Ukumori Moonlight (DJ Tarkan Remix)
08. V-Sag feat. Tomomi Ukumori Far East (DJ Tarkan Remix)
Part1 Part2 Part3

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