Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Tiga - DJ Kicks

Album : DJ Kicks
Genre: Electronic
Source: 1xCD
Catalog# : K7142CD
Release Date : 27/01/2003
Tracks : 24
Play Time : 72.40

It comes as no surprise that Tiga's turn behind the DJ Kicks mixing desk is a veritable gene pool of retro chic and synthcore classics, all put glamourously together with just the right amount of irony to keep it in the stylesheets and out of the charity shops.

01. Radio Jolly-Jolly Music [Adult De-funked Remix]
02. You're So Gangsta-Chromeo [Playgroup Instrumental]
03. Ich Und Elaine-2raumwohnung [2raumwohnung Club Mix]
04. The Big Fake-Traffic Signs
05. You-Tutto Matto [Vocal]
06. Shemale-Sir Drew [Black Strobe Remix]
07. Deceptacon-Le Tigre [DFA RMX]
08. ...So-Soft Cell
09. Dubby Disco-Antonelli Electr.
10. Sacrifice-Break 3000
11. Dying in Beauty-Tiga & Zyntherius
12. Time Has Changed-Codec & Flexor
13. Devices-Carl A. Finlow
14. Rather Be-Crowdpleaser & St-Plomb Feat.Selfish In Bed
15. Shake A Leg-Water Lily & St-Plomb
16. The Unconditional Discipline Of The Bastard Prince-Volga Select
17. Lowrider-Offpop
18. Home Again-M.A.N.D.Y.
19. Mispent Years-Schatrax
20. Man Hrdina-Tiga [DJ Kicks]
21. Ikea-Swayzak
22. Bang Bang Lover-Charles Manier [Dance Mix]
23. The Biggest Fan-Martini Bros [Black Strobe Mix]
24. Madame Hollywood-Tiga [Tiga's Mister Hollywood Version]


Sashasretroemporium® said...

Anonymous said...

gracias por estosd discos, apparat, ellen, tiga, me estás creando una biblioteca musical unica, gracias!!!

Bin Latte said...

His remix of Deceptacon is pretty good. Thanks.