Monday, 28 May 2007

Anders Ilar - Ludwijka Extended Visit

Artist : Anders Ilar
Title : Ludwijka [Extended Visit]
Genre : Electronic
Style : IDM/Ambient
Format : 1xCD
Label : Shitkatapult
Catalogue# : STRIKE82CD
Release Date : 05/04/2007
Tracks : 09
Playtime : 57.03

Danish Anders Ilar, one of the most interesting electronic producers right now, ends up at the Berlin label Shitkatapult with this album that takes the name of his hometown, a widespread version of the limited edition in vinyl appeared in Merck at a musical trip full of breaks, glitches, dark melodies and ambience.
A work in which Ilar moves away from his love for the tracks and approaching more to his me IDM, attending on the details and refining his melodies. In addition to the tracks appeared originally in the vinyl, a bonus track closes the disc, a noisy symphony of fifteen minutes that will do the delights of the fans of Tim Hecker.

01. Ludwijka I
02. Ludwijka II
03. Ludwijka III
04. Ludwijka IV
05. Ludwijka V
06. Ludwijka VI
07. Ludwijka VII
08. Ludwijka VIII
09. Ludwijka IX

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