Monday, 16 April 2007

Ed Rec vol.1

Album : Ed Rec vol.1
Genre: Electronic
Source: 1xCD
Release Date : 13/11/2006
Tracks : 12
Play Time : 46.56
First compilation of the label Ed Banger Records.
Digital release only.

A boogie-centric primer on the ultra-hip Ed Banger imprint founded by Daft Punk impresario Pedro Winter, Ed Rec Vol. 1 whirls through a melange of styles both smooth and ragged, raw and cooked, mixing the gleaming strains of dance technology with rock-fueled energy and hip hop attitude. Shot through with a sense of whimsical experimentation, the collection is surprisingly varied—four-to-the-floor is the exception here, not the rule. Tracks like Justice’s fuzzbox juggernaut “Waters of Nazareth” or Mr. Flash’s “Radar Rider” effortlessly take rock dynamics for a spin on the dance floor, turning a ham-fisted pun on the metal practice of banging one’s head into a fist-pumping manifesto of dance-punk fusion, with a French twist.
Hip-hop also crashes the party in grand style via the glitchy chop and paste of Krazy Baldhead, the kooky booty-bass of Busy P (label head Winter’s own project), and Jackos’ Whodini-esque remix of Zongamin’s “Bongo Song.” At once retro and current, these electro-funk montages map out a series of interlocking clicks, beats, and buzzes into a joyous racket that’ll have you popping and locking deep into the night.
Featuring tracks dating back to the label’s inception, this collection is geared more towards newcomers than aficionados. Some of the best tracks here have been kicking around bassbins and T1 lines for a while now, like Justice’s aforementioned distorto-house anthem or Uffie’s naughty little confection “Pop the Glock,” which spins aural gold out of the simplest of elements: a kick, a snap and an unflappable rap riding along side a butter-smooth vocoder. Not every track hits it out of the park—“The Theme From Vicarious Bliss” comes off like a pop song that took a detour on the big-beat express back to ’96—and some will find the disco-fabulous aesthetic here a bit lightweight, but Ed Rec Vol. 1 provides a nice cross-section of things that currently go bump-bump-bump in the Parisian night.

01. Mr Flash - Radar Rider
02. Uffie - Pop the Glock
03. Krazy Baldhead - Crazy Mothafuckas
04. Vicarious Bliss - Theme From Vicarious Bliss
05. Zongamin - Bongo Song [Jackos remix]
06. DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody [Paris Version]
07. Sebastian - Dolami
08. Justice - Waters of Nazareth
09. Busy P - Chop Suey
10. Krazy Baldhead - Revolution [ParaOne Remix]
11. Sebastian - H.A.L.
12. Vicarious Bliss - Theme From Vicarious Bliss [Justice Remix]