Monday, 30 April 2007

Apparat - Walls

Artist : Apparat
Album : Walls
Genre: Electronic
Source: 1xCD
Label : Shitkatapult
Catalog# : Strike84CD
Release Date : 15/05/2007
Tracks : 13
Play Time : 59.54

After his acclaimed collaboration with Ellen Allien in the album " Orchestra Of Bubbles ", German producer Sascha Ring a.k.a Apparat, will edit a new album next spring. " Walls " will see the light in May through Shitkatapult, the stamp of T. Raumschmiere, and it will constitute the first album of Apparat in solitary from "Maisonette" in 2003. This time, Ring shares voices with Raz Ohara and also a collaboration with Josh Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv in the mixes.

01. Not a Number
02. Hailin From the Edge (Feat. Raz Ohara)
03. Useless Information
04. Limelight
05. Holdon (Feat. Raz Ohara)
06. Fractales Pt.1
07. Fractales Pt.2
08. Birds
09. Arcadia
10. You Don’t Know Me
11. Headup (Feat. Raz Ohara)
12. Over and Over (Feat. Raz Ohara)
13. Like Porcelain

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