Friday, 13 April 2007


Also on the horizon for 2007 on GUMUSIC we have new artist albums from Pako and Frederik due out in August and fellow Dutchman Roland Klinkenberg....... also we have the new single from Dark Globe and Boy George "Atoms" taken from their recent album "Nostalgia for the Future" ...the single comes with brand new mixes from Henrik Schwartz, Deadly Avenger, Ben Castle and Dark Globe themselves.
The Remote return with new mixes of "Like You" from man of the moment Jim Rivers, NY's Thugfucker and a slew of club mixes from The Remote as well.
Trafik are just polishing off a new mini club album called "Club Trafikana" (yeah we know !!) with 11 brand new tracks and a bonus CD full of classy remixes from the likes of Stel, Danny Bonnicci and Dark Globe ....due out late July.
We have some new signings too in the shape of the UK's hot new producers Spektre with their "Jade" e.p. due out soon .... also for 2007 we have the brand new single from Jim Rivers "Blackbox" ...dont worry aint nothing to do with "Ride on time" we'll leave that sort of thing to our friends over at Renaissance and their Renaissance Classics CDs ... strictly underground here at GU as you all know folks .... there's also new singles from Lostep, Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson, Kevin Swain and new GU signing Lutzenkirchen ..... watch this space for more details ...

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