Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Tiga presents 15 Great Moments in Turbo History

Album : 15 Great Moments in Turbo History
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electroclash
Source: 1xCD
Label : Turbo Rec.
Catalog# : 4260133 130074
Release Date : 20/02/2007
Tracks : 15
Play Time : 88.44

01. Chromeo - You're So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix)
02. David Michael Cross - Cold War (Atomic Dub)
03. Dim - Sysiphos
04. Drama Society feat. Turner - Crying Hero (Tiga Remix)
05. Etienne Daho - Le Grand Sommeil (Sweetlight Remix)
06. Fpu - Crocketts Theme (Original Mix)
07. Fpu - Ocean Drive (Tigas White Linen Vox Mix)
08. Martini Bros. - Big and Dirty (Tiga Remix)
09. Martini Bros. - The Biggest Fan (Black Strobe Remix)
10. Panash - Jack 2 Jack (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
11. Proxy - Destroy
12. Robert Calvin - Azid Life
13. Tgv - Dancing In Berlin
14. Tiga - Burning Down (Tgv Remix)
15. Zdar - Dont U Want


Sashasretroemporium® said...

_Tiga wrote_

Turbo Recordings: 15 Great Moments in Turbo History

David Michael Cross / Cold War / WLV 004
This might be the record I am most proud of on Turbo: an unearthed, lost epic from the enigmatic David Michael Cross. A beacon of hope against the perils of superpower aggression that is even more relevant now then it was when it was conceived in 81. Sad but true.

Martini Bros. / Biggest fan (Black Strobe Remix) / Turbo 014
Maybe the biggest record ever on Turbo. Captured the genius of the original Martini track and the best of Black Strobe. It was perfect electro-pop-dance, and still works on the dancefloor.

FPU / Crockett's Theme / Turbo 008
This was a very big record for Turbo, one of the first key signings. Adam Beyer told me about his Swedish friend Peter Benisch in Stockholm who made gorgeous electronic stuff. This was during an era of hard techno. He sent me this Miami vice cover. I fell in love, put it last on my Mixed Emotions CD, and ended up doing a whole FPU album. Seems obvious now, but in 2000 it was genius, and still holds up.

FPU / Ocean Drive (Tiga's White Linen Vox) / Turbo 008
This is one of my first ever remixes and it came only a few months after Sunglasses At Night. I remixed 'Crockett's Theme', but in the process wrote my first song: an homage to homoerotic cop love so I changed the title and released it as 'Ocean Drive'. Still one of the records I get asked to play the most. Find the video!!!!

TGV / Dancing in Berlin / Turbo 009
Not my biggest record, but a big one for Turbo. Made it with Mateo Murphy, actually our first and last EP. Used lots of samples and 80's loops, in this case I ripped off a German band that will remain unnamed. This track was symbolic for me because my first BIG gig in Berlin playing at the re-opening of the legendary E-Werk, I dropped this on acetate and the place went nuts. Probably the last time I would ever play an acetate.

Tiga / Burning down (TGV remix) / Turbo 019
Biggest selling record on Turbo, a song I wrote in Madrid as an anti-war protest song. Maybe. This is the lesser known B-side mix that I did with Mateo Murphy. Just a long, dark trippy version of the original.

Panash / Jack 2 Jack (Jesper Dahlback remix) / Turbo 022
Critically this was probably the biggest record on Turbo, it was played by all kinds of DJs and brought Turbo to a wider market. The original was a record I had been playing since 95, originally on Weatherall's Lo-Fi Emissions label. I licenced it and got Jesper to remix it and he turned in an anthem. Dahlback at his finest.

Robert Calvin / Azid Life / Turbo 021
This was a record I got as a demo while djing in Madrid at Copelia. I loved it right away, and it was a key record during the mini-acid revival of 2003. Nothing fancy. Just effective.

Drama Society / Crying Hero (Tiga remix) / Turbo 025
Italian boys Drama Society with an amazing track that sounds almost like Underworld, with Turner singing. I remixed it, made it easier for stupid DJs to play.

Martini Bros. / Big n Dirty (Tiga remix) / Turbo 024
The Martini Bros have been a big part of the Turbo story, great friends and amazing musicians. They were the first people ever to ask me for a remix (on Flash Turbo 011) and so when it came time for Big N Dirty I gave it everything I had, and this is still one of my favorite ever remixes.

Zdar / Don't U Want / Turbo 028
This was a big signing for us, and showed that Turbo had some clout, because Zdar was half of Cassius and a legend. I love this record - poppy vocal electronics from a likeminded producer and good friend.

Chromeo / You're So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix) / FAB 001
Our first Chromeo record, and first teaming up with Trevor Jackson, who turned in one of my favorite mixes ever. Funk, dope, groove - all the words you hate - they all apply.

Etienne Daho / Le Grand Sommeil (Sweetlight remix) / Turbo 031
This ushered us into the new era of the label: after a long hiatus, Sweetlight gave me the demo and I fell in love: again it's a mix of 80?s pop, legendary vocals, beautiful melody and modern production.

d.i.m. / Sysiphos / Turbo 032
Boyz Noize told me about this guy, and this record marks the techno revival at Turbo. No nonsense killer dancefloor techno with a twist.

Proxy / Destroy / Turbo 035
I could write pages about this Russian anthem. Nu-moscow rave bomb, seriously amazing. No bullshit. Lada Than A Bomb.

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