Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Laurent Garnier - Retrospective 94.06

Artist: Laurent Garnier
Album : Retrospective 94.06
Genre: Electronic
Source: 2xCD
Label : F Communications
Catalog# : F255DCD
Release Date : 28/08/2006
Tracks : 23
Play Time : 69.38+75.38

A retrospective exactly as advertised: Retrospective 1994-2006 is a compendium of singles from 1994 to 2006 mapping the stellar second act of electronic music's most prolific producers and successful DJs. Laurent Garnier's productions have always taken a sleek hybrid of European style and sensibility and mixed them with the grit of Detroit techno, but piecing these works together shows that over time the synthesis has resulted in something distinctive and highly individualistic when compared with many producers of the same pedigree. Live versions of "Acid Eiffel" and "Man with the Red Face" replace the originals, which will please die-hard Garnier fans dying to hear extended workouts of two of his most well-loved and recognized works. At two discs in length, this very well could be intimidating to casual listeners just catching up. But the fact that its two discs are chock-full of filler free epics is a testament not only to the quantity of important works, but the quality.

Disc 1
01. Six Months Earlier (edit)
02. Flashback (video mix)
03. Greed (avril radio mix)
04. 10,000 leagues by Alex Attias (wake lab mix)
05. Theme from Larry's Dub (edit)
06. Crispy Bacon
07. Man With the Red Face (live recording with Bugge Wesseltoft)
08. La Minute de Japonais
09. Demented by Carl Craig (Laurent Garnier edit)
10. Jeux d'Enfants
11. Sambou

Disc 2
01. Acid Eiffel (live recording with Bugge Wesseltoft)
02. Couloured City
03. Communications from the Lab (Germ remix)
04. Butterfly by DJ Marky (Wake up lab remix)
05. At Night (edit)
06. Barbiturik Blues
07. Downfall
08. Basic by Elegia (wake up lab remix)
09. Astral Dreams (speakers mix)
10. For Max (edit)
11. Raw cut (edit)
12. Le Voyage de Simone


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