Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss

Artist: Pantha Du Prince
Album : This Bliss
Genre: Minimal
Source: 1xCD
Label : Dial
Catalog# : DIALCD09
Release Date : 29/01/2007
Quality : 192kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 10
Play Time : 74.14

Pantha Du Prince’s latest album on Dial Records fuses techno, house and shoegazey indie...

Pantha Du Prince is the solo project of one Hendrik Weber, who has released records on Lawrence's introvert-techno label Dial since 2002 (the imprint scored sixth place in our Top 10 Labels of 2006, a great result for a smaller label). Weber’s latest album is the follow-up to his acclaimed LP ‘Diamond Daze’ from 2004, which was a collection of bittersweet techno that appealed to both dancefloors and headphones.

Pantha Du Prince proves that mixing up house and indie doesn’t have to result in MSTRKRFT. ‘This Bliss’ promises a melancholy mood with feet in both camps: Detroit and minimal vs. My Bloody Valentine and psychedelia (Weber even rejigged the eighties jangle-pop of the Chills’ ‘Pink Frost’ for the dancefloor on ‘Diamond Daze’). Weber looks outside the pop canon for inspiration too on the album: the track ‘Moonstruck’ is a homage to Terry Riley, while ‘Saturn Strobe’ is a cover of a track by contemporary composer Robert Skempton.

01. Asha
02. Saturn Strobe
03. Walden 2
04. Moonstruck
05. Eisbaden
06. Urlichten
07. White Out
08. Florac
09. Srteine im Flug
10. Paranoid Writings – Seeds of Sleep

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