Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Oliver Huntemann - Fieber

Artist: Oliver Huntemann
Album : Fieber
Genre : Twisted Electro
Source: 1xCD
Label : Gigolo
Year : 2006
Quality : 192kbit 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Tracks: 12
Play Time : 68.08

After releases on his Dance Electric imprint, Oliver Huntemann returns to his other offshoot, Confused Recordings out of Hamburg for his new album 'Fieber'. Huntemann's previous releases have garnered support from major players like Tiga and The Hacker, with '50.1' also popping up on Marco Bailey's 'Positive Disorder' compilation. On 'Fieber', Huntemann brings in the vocal talents of Chelonis R. Jones and Michael Skelton on an album which again illustrates his penchant for killer electro and dark house.

The opening track on the album, '37°' is a sinister little number that creeps up on you in almost sycophantic manner. Based around a morphing synth that tends to almost fizz in parts, the rhythm confines itself to just the bare minimum required to hold the track in place, allowing the dire synth to unsettle us and wreak havoc on the senses. Admittedly, it's a fairly bleak opener but it does serve as a pointer to some of the later tracks on the album for fans of moody, attitudinal electro-house.

An interesting sprinkling of electro-house from Oliver Huntemann makes 'Fieber' a worthwhile listen especially if you're fond of the European brand of electro sweeping club floors at present. I must admit though that this album took a couple of listens before I could find its merits. The first four tracks seem a little formulaic and trapped in a stereotyped straight-jacket with no real impetus or edge. However the album does get better as it progresses and Huntemann shows some diversity by pulling together different strands in his production skills.

01. 37 Degree
02. 50. 1
03. Black Ice (w/Stephan Bodzin)
04. Cracker Capers
05. Radio
06. Orient Express
07. Scary Love (feat. Chelonis R Jones)
08. Rubin (w/Stephan Bodzin)
09. French Fries
10. Flesh
11. Matchbox (w/Stephan Bodzin)
12. Rotodrom

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